Tonje Lilleås

Natural playground

I’ve been asking myself if we’ll ever feel like we’ve had enough of our natural playground. If we will come to a point where we just want to sit inside watching Netflix without even feeling a slightest urge to get outside. I don’t think so. And lately I’m not sure we’ve gotten outside enough, or have we? Have I just not been present?

Easy hikes to lower the bar

We don’t think about getting outside as a huge project. It’s just a natural part of our day. And our kids have no doubt inherited our love for the natural playground. It became obvious during lockdown this spring through the Corona Chronicles, and throughout the summer it has just grown into an even more important part of our lives to get outside and play every day. The first few weeks after summer vacations were over, we had a rough few days. When we realized it was due to the fact that we had forgotten to get outside enough, it was an easy fix.

And talking about easy; that’s just a very important word in describing our outings. They have to be easy for us to plan, take part in and enjoy. Hence easy hikes has been a huge part of this fall for our family. I’ve caught myself thinking so many times that we haven’t done anything worth blogging about lately. But the truth is that we’ve actually had quite a few family adventures. Maybe it’s more difficult to notice and appreciate the moments this fall, because it’s a lot at work at the moment. I don’t know. However I did want to share some of the images from our adventures in our natural playground nonetheless.

Time to reflect

I’ve had a crazy fall to be honest. I’m getting tired of both the restrictions (however low they’ve been) due to COVID-19, as well as all the crazy hustle at work. I’m looking forward to winter and hoping it will bring a lot of pow-days and skiing. And I do think it’s time for me to reflect a bit upon how I want to spend my days again.

Many days this fall I think I’ve forgotten what’s important and just worked on getting ready for another day at work. I know this doesn’t bring neither me or the people I spend my life with any joy, but it really is hard break free from the cycle where every day is the same as the last. And even when you do something different, you find yourself thinking about something at work not being present in the moment. Or at least I do. I’ll have to turn things back on track so I’m able to actually enjoy the time I get to spend with my family in our natural playground.

I hope you’re all doing well, taking care of yourself and doing stuff that brings you joy. I’m going to share a few how to posts over the next few weeks. For the creators among you I hope you’ll find them inspirational or otherwise valuable. I encourage you to check out my Instagram. It would really make me happy if more people got to see my posts there. And remember; there’s always more to explore locally!



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