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Just Did It – I’m trying new things

Part of starting over is trying something new, and I just did it. I tried sit skiing for the first time last weekend, and had a blast. Today I want to share why I think trying new things is so important.

You can’t expect different results if you stick to the same way of doing things

The past years I’ve found myself thinking that I don’t understand why I’m not improving different skills. I’ve thought over and over again “I keep making these videos, but I don’t seem to get any better at it”. Or “I keep working out and following this routine, but I’m not getting any stronger.”

I now understand that the thing I’ve been doing is I’ve kept on doing the same thing over and over again and expected different results. Although many believe this quote is Albert Einsteins, it was actually Rita Mae Brown who said that this is the very definition of insanity. Now I don’t feel particularly insane, but I do think there’s truth in her statement.

If we want to grow as humans and develop our skills, if we want different results, we need to challenge ourselves to try new things.

Just Did It – a new project

In the light of starting over, I’ve decided to start a new project as well. I’m calling it “Just Did It”. And it will be a combination of documenting trying new things and the reflections I do in the process.

I like working with projects that run over a longer period of time. Like I’ve done with the “When I walk”-project and the “Explore Locally”-project. The “When I walk”- project will continue, in a slightly different form. I still want to have a run and gun project that helps me get out on photo walks, but since I’m not able to walk that much anymore the project will have to change a bit.

“Explore Locally” will find its rest in the project page. I really never got to develop it the way I wanted due to COVID-restrictions, and these days I don’t feel as passionate about the idea of the project. The project was meant to document and encourage exploring locally. I’m just as passionate about exploring locally myself, but I just don’t think that the format of the project is right for me anymore.

“Just Did It” has yet to find its form. I think it will be a collection of videos, shorts, images and texts that together explore the benefits of trying new things when life demands us to change. I’m starting the project with an open mind and lots of curiosity.

Sit skiing – I just did it

This winter I got to try sit skiing. My first lesson was on a grey day mid February, and was a gift for my 40th. The one thing a couple of hours of falling and getting back up again left me with was exhilaration. As we drove back home after my lesson, all I wanted to do was get back out there.

I felt like myself when I fought to master a skill that is far more impressive than I new before getting in the chair. Humbled as I felt how week my body is confronted with having to get back up after falling over and over again. But as my instructor took the reins and told me to lean back for the last lap down the slopes, I got to enjoy the feeling of speeding down the mountain again. And all I could do was smile.

My muscles were totally empty after. I used every inch of muscle to compensate for the ones that don’t respond that well, and I paid the price. However no amount of muscle twitching or double vision could stop me from wanting to get back out there. And the feeling trying something new gave me, was a feeling I wanted more of.

In March I got to bring the whole family for my next lesson. The progress I made that day felt so motivating. I finished this season with a bang; a letter telling me I’m getting a sit ski of my own next season, and I really can’t wait to keep learning the skills.

I hope you’re all having new experiences that bring you joy.

All the best,




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