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Kids need to play with kids, mom – Corona Chronicles day 7

Our oldest son got the message that all playgrounds closed today. He sighed and said; kids need to play with kids, mom. He is totally right. Kids need to play with kids.

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We’re not enough

No matter how hard we try, grown ups can never replace another child when playing. It is through playing with other children our children develop social skills and truly get to use their imagination. As a grown up I’m not able to play with my boys the way another child is. And right now that is a bit devastating. We’re not enough for our boys. We do our very best, but kids need to play with kids.

When kids need to play with kids, but can’t

I was going to make this list of ten things to do with your kids while in lockdown. But that’s really not the kind of content I usually put out. Not to mention that there’s thousands of people more competent than me that have already made lists of hundreds of things to do with your kids when in lockdown.

People all over the world are streaming lessons of baby choir, childrens dance classes, guided tours to the zoo, book readings and childrens yoga. It’s pretty amazing and heart warming to see how creative we are to find and offer solutions when the going gets tough. I applaud all the initiative out there, and I’m truly grateful for all the people wanting to contribute to making our childrens days a little brighter in this mess. But I can’t help but wonder; does it really matter when all they are craving is playing with other kids?

I really hope we find a solution for our kids soon. The local government is talking about how we can establish permanent play groups of two to three children that play together outside for short periods at a time for as long as this lasts. They say however that they prefer only siblings play together. And we totally understand, but with a one year old and a five year old it’s just not a good enough solution in the long run for any of them.

Kids need to play with kids, mom. It hurt a little. It’s only a week in, and we don’t know how long the restrictions will last. But it’s true. Kids need to play with kids, so what do we do when they can’t?

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