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Thank God it’s Friday? – Corona Chronicles day 8

Normally my wife and I would snuggle up on the sofa with a good movie and our snack choice of the week by now. Thank God it’s Friday, right?

Thank God it’s Friday

We would talk about our week with work and the boys. Share a few laughs over all the silly things our oldest says or our youngest does. Even if we felt a little tired after a week of work we would stay up a bit longer. Just because the feeling of Friday night is kind of great. The whole weekend still ahead.

We’re trying to keep our routines through this lockdown. Trying to make sure that weekdays and weekends are somewhat different even though it’s a bit of a challenge these days. Candy is still a Saturday thing, waffles for breakfast only on Sundays.

We have the schedule pretty much fine tuned now, with naps and meals and outdoor adventures and playtime every day. And I guess that’s why it really doesn’t feel like weekend is about to start. Thank God it’s Friday doesn’t ring as loud in my mind this Friday. Not because I’m not enjoying this life we live in lockdown. As I mentioned in my post about raising our children wild, I think we’re living more of the life we wanted to live now than we usually do. It’s just not that big of a difference between Wednesday and Saturday when the schedule is pretty much the same.

Hymn to the weekend

I love waking up on Saturdays knowing that we’re free to spend the next two days doing what we love the most. I’m truly looking forward to getting that feeling back. And I will get it back. As for now I think we just have to be grateful for the fact that we are healthy and able to do a lot of the things we like to do as a family every day. Even if days get a bit blurred together.

So, what are you up to this weekend? I have a few suggestions;

– get outside exploring your local area

– give your bike a nice spring service

– make something with your kids. I suggest a bee hotel or a nesting box. You know life’s better when you make stuff?

– sow some seeds or plant a tree

– repair that tear in your favorite jacket

– read a good book or write a love letter

– go camping in your living room

– make a video and share it with your friends

Just do something you normally wouldn’t prioritize time doing. When days get a bit blurred, make weekends your extra special bonus days. And remember; soon we will once again snuggle up on the sofa and say thank God it’s Friday!



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