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My strategy for 2023

2022 in some ways was a bit of an uphill battle for me. As 2023 came around I’ve needed to make a strategy for how I’m going to make sureties year is different. And today I just wanted to share that strategy with you guys.

Focus on quantity

One of the things I really missed in 2022 was making videos. I made one proper video and a few Reels, and that’s it. I didn’t even pick up my gimbal once, and hardly flew my drone except from a couple of weeks at the cabin.

The main reason it turned out that way, apart from having a few issues with my health, probably was that I didn’t want to make anything unless I knew I could make it with great quality. And the thing is; great quality comes after you put down the hours on quantity. So this year I’m not going to be a perfectionist. I’m going to focus on quantity.

Choosing my platforms

I can’t be all over the place even if I’m going to focus on quantity. So I’m going to focus on two main platforms; my website (this blog) and YouTube. I’m choosing these platforms because I genuinely love long form content. It’s in line with my personality and it gives me a lot of joy to create.

However; I find that a lot of my views both on this blog and on YouTube comes from Facebook. Therefore I’m also going to keep updating people on Facebook whenever I post something either on the blog or on YouTube.

And I’ll still be posting on Instagram every now and then, but I won’t make content specifically for Instagram a priority as I create.

Story is what drives me

I’m not intrigued by shooting images if I don’t find a story that I want to tell. The story is what drives me. And I’m going to focus on that both when making videos, shooting images and posting on this blog.

I’m going to focus on shooting series of images that tells a story rather than waiting for the one perfect shot. And I’m going to focus more on the personal stories I want to tell with my images and videos, rather than just shooting for the likes. I started this in 2022, but I really want the storytelling aspect of what I’m creating to be a main part of my strategy for 2023.

Not JUST an outdoor and landscape photographer

So much of my identity has been tied to being an outdoor and landscape photographer. I think it’s a combination of me trying to niche down and the fact that I love the outdoors. And as content creators niching down is what we are told to do. Outdoorsy lifestyle is a huge part of my life, and so that niche came natural to me.

However I’m going to change that. Due to both the fact that my body doesn’t always allow me to explore the great outdoors, and that I really enjoy street and urban photography, I’m not going to restrict myself anymore.

In 2023 I’m going to share more images of manmade objects, urban landscapes, people and where people meet. Because I find that those are stories I want to tell as well as the stories about the vast landscapes and mountains I like to visit.

Sticking to a routine

Ever since my last trip to the hospital, I’ve been so disciplined with my morning routine. I think I’ll share a short video on it later, as I’ve found it to be quite helpful to get back into more strategic and healthy mindset. In short it involves meditation, working out and having a proper breakfast.

And I think that getting into a proper routine with shooting and creating will be an important part of my strategy for 2023 as well. I’ll share that routine later on if that’s something you’re interested in. (Or let’s face it, I’ll probably share it even if you’re not).

Time to start

I don’t want this post to be merely words that I don’t stick with. So today I posted my first video on YouTube in a while. And I would love it if you would check it out. It’s a video where I talk a lot about why it’s time for a change for me in 2023 and how I’m going to make it happen. I also share some images that I haven’t shared before as part of the video, so that might be worth checking out.

I hope you’ll stick around in 2023, and I just want to end this post by saying how much I appreciate that you take the time to read, watch and view the things I share. It really means a lot.



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