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The perfect season – about the first snow, skiing and seasons of life

Are you in the middle of the perfect season? Let’s talk about the first snow, skiing and seasons of life.

The first snow

The first snow has always made me feel so much anticipation. I love how my surroundings turn silent with the falling snowflakes. How every sound changes as if wrapped in cotton. Less harsh, less loud, more peaceful. Falling snow slows the world down to a pace that makes it so easy to be present.

I love the smell of it. Have you ever considered how snow smells differently throughout winter? To me the smell of the first snow brings promise of what’s to come.
I love the taste of it. When was the last time you put your head back, opened your mouth and tasted the falling snowflakes? When you were a kid? Never? It’s the taste of the perfect season that lies ahead.

The first skis

I was four years old when I got my first pair of skis. I was so eager to get out there. Wanted nothing more than to master the art of skiing fast down the perfect mountains that surrounded me. And each year since, as the first snow of the season falls to the ground, I’ve dreamed of having the perfect season.

I don’t think I know what the perfect season is though. Maybe it’s skiing a ton of powder or hitting the slopes every night after work and each weekend from December to April. Or maybe it’s traveling to remote mountains each week or finally getting to go heliskiing. Maybe I already experienced it without even noticing?

Seasons of life

It could have been the season I got to show my wife around my mountains in Stranda for the first time. Or maybe it was the season we made all those roadtrips to the Swedish mountains. Maybe it was the season I transferred from skis to snowboard, or it might have been the year I switched back to skiing.

The season I didn’t know if I would be able to ski again really sucked, but the next season when I actually were back in the slopes were pretty great. Maybe that was it? The perfect season. But the year I thought my oldest son to ski was pretty amazing as well. That could have been it.

This season probably isn’t going to be it.

Why you might wonder? Check out this post about 2022 to get an idea.

The perfect season after all?

However this year we’re teaching our youngest son to ski. And we’re doing it as a family. Everyone enjoying and loving that he is ready to join us on our adventures. I’m watching it from a distance right now. Cheering him on. Cheering them all on. And it kind of sucks. But still; maybe this could be a perfect season nonetheless?

The one where skiing with my family again before the season ends is the main motivation for me to keep working out and getting stronger. Where I want nothing more than riding Easter slush with my family by my side. The one where I want to prove to myself that there’s no such thing as the perfect season. They all are.

I hope you liked this slightly different post. I really enjoyed making it. If you did, make sure to check out the video that were the start of this post. And consider subscribing to my blog and my YouTube.



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