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Spring awakening – forest photoshoot with the kids

It’s time for spring awakening. This last week just flew by and we’ve felt rather beaten every night after work and preschool. I’ve missed our daily adventures, and was really happy when we found time to go for a forest photoshoot with the kids yesterday.

Spring awakening – the forest is coming alive and so should we

I wrote about Simon Baxters challenge #thetreesstillgrow during the Corona Chronicles, and these past few days we’ve really seen that it’s true. The forest is coming alive. It’s spring awakening out there, with trees and ground getting greener by the minute. I love this time of year. As I do all seasons. I’m lucky that way.

Seeing that nature is behaving so much like normal is comforting to me. Even if the temperatures we’ve had the last few days has been somewhat out of the ordinary for April. I have to admit we’ve enjoyed it. I do feel concerned for the environment, but this year I’ve really enjoyed seeing the world around us come a bit more alive. Lockdown looks kind of sad. Seeing all the life that comes with spring has been wonderful.

Forest photoshoot with the kids

I’ve written my share of tips on how to get better photos of your kids and how to document your adventures. But I see that I’ve forgotten an important one; bring fun props. Not necessarily things that will look good, but things your kids will enjoy playing with. Happy kids usually have a bit more stamina.

We brought soap bubbles and big brothers umbrella for a forest photoshoot. Big brother is so proud of his umbrella, and who’s said he can’t use it even if it doesn’t rain. Baby boy looks so much up to his big brother, they’re amazingly cute together when they’re both in the mood to interact. Repeating what big brother does probably is the single thing baby boy learns most from these days.

In the forest the anemones were blossoming, and our flower boys instantly started picking. This time props really hadn’t been necessary. We spent about an hour just picking flowers, playing with the soap bubbles and shooting some images. Then we followed the trail to a campsite for some biscuits and fruit. Perfect afternoon if you ask me!

I really hope you’ve all had a fab weekend! Also give me a hint if you liked the images? You can do that by pressing like, leaving a comment, subscribe or follow me on Instagram or YouTube. It really makes a difference and would make me really happy. Stay safe, take care of each other and make sure to get outside for some local explorations. I wish you the very best of weeks!



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