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The last impressions of winter

I want to share my last impressions of winter with you. Well at least of this winter. Because let’s face and embrace it; spring is here!

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An amazing Easter getaway

We spent our Easter with my family in Sunnmøre this year. Finally after two years where the pandemic made our usual Easter getaway impossible, we got to catch our last impressions of winter out west this year.

I was sure the late Easter would mean very little snow left to ski, but Mother Nature wanted it differently. Our road trip was set in a blizzard, and we started wondering if it wouldn’t be the lack of snow that would stop us from skiing after all. But the weather shifted and treated us with a great, golden day in the slopes. Big brother got his mothers to himself, and we were all just big smiles blasting down the mountain (or at least that’s what we felt we were doing). What a way to end the season!

The rest of the Easter was spent enjoying quality time with family, hiking, biking and gardening. Oh, and eating a lot of good food and way too much candy. Just like Easter is supposed to be spent, right?


Trying to find time

I’ve had another MRI since I last posted, and I’m still waiting for the results. I’m positive the results will be ok, but I’m still feeling a bit of a restless tingle inside. There is nothing I can do but wait for the results and handle whatever is handed, so I try to just keep busy.

And keeping busy is not a problem to be honest. The boys are active and energetic kids, meant to roam and explore freely. We try to keep up. It’s both great fun and truly exhausting. I’ve had enough to do at work, and I have to keep up all the routines with exercise and rest to make my body function. The house and garden needs tending to, and my wife and I are trying to remember to check in with each other every now and then. Time is a luxury there can never be enough of.

I’m trying to find a few pockets to create whenever possible. But it’s hardly been enough of it lately. I have plans, ideas and projects going on, but I won’t share them before they are reality. Let’s just say you’re in for a treat if I find time to make all the stuff I want to make.

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Just a short update

So with these last impressions of winter I wanted to share a short update with you all. I’ll be back with more valuable tutorials and explainers when I find time. As fo now I hope you grab every opportunity to head out and explore while nature wakes up, it’s amazing out there. And remember; there’s always more to explore locally!



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