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Welcome to Blogmas 2020

It’s the 1st of December – Welcome to Blogmas 2020!

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Ideas, wants and plans

Over summer an idea started to take form. And this idea wasn’t my own in any way shape or form. I’ve seen countless YouTubers do vlogmas over the last few years, posting one vlog each day of December. And I set out to make one blogpost each day of December counting down to Christmas.

Now as you probably know there’s a long way between having an idea that motivates you, and actually following through. Life happens, and for me one thing that could ruin it all was having a bad back-day. So I decided to prepare some of the posts in advance, to make sure I didn’t set myself up for failure. And I’m glad I did, as Blogmas is starting with my back acting up. But fear not, even if my plans have to change a bit, Blogmas is happening!

I’ll have to take a raincheck on recreating my favorite scenes from my favorite Christmas movies. It’s one of the ideas I was really looking forward to make happen, but it’s just too heavy production for me right now. Next year maybe? A few other posts have also found their way to the “I’ll have to make it later-bin”, but enough about that. Here’s a taste of what you’ll get throughout Blogmas!

Christmas Family Adventures

We’re heading out to have a Christmas lunch in the frosty forest. Bringing our Christmas cookies and treats, walking the trails that we know so well in our neighborhood. We are going to look for signs of Santa and his reindeer and we’re making hot chocolate by the lake.

We’re also going to give you a few tips on Christmas Family adventures and activities you could test out this holiday, wether you have a snowy white Christmas or not.

Christmas lights and decorations too

Hamar, the town we live in, has made it a goal to be a proper Christmas town even if we can’t arrange the big get togethers that we usually have during the holidays. They’ve decorated the whole town center to make sure we’re able to get a taste of that Christmas spirit we love, and my family and I are going to share it all with you.

We’re also bringing you inside our house to show you how we decorate for Christmas. We usually spend Christmas elsewhere, but this year we’re spending it in our house. Meaning that decorating is more important than ever.

I’m also making sure to share some of the natural Christmas lights with you. The light this time of year is amazing, and the light around lake Mjøsa can be breathtaking in more than one way.

Bringing value

I wanted this Blogmas to be more than just blogposts about our lives. So I’m also seeking to bring some value to you by giving you some tips on low light photography, Christmas card photography, how to give the gift of an image and what to give your photography or videography for Christmas. Among other things.

Welcome to Blogmas 2020

I hope that Blogmas can provide inspiration, help you escape the hustle or at least make you smile as we count down the days for Christmas 2020. Tomorrow you’ll get to see a trip down memory lane through some of our Christmas cards, and I’ll give you a few tips on how to shoot images for Christmas cards of your own. If you’d check out my Instagram, you’ll get even more of Blogmas through stories, reels and posts.

So, welcome to Blogmas 2020! Stay safe, and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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