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Where did I go?

Where did I go? Based on the activity on this blog this summer, the question is more than reasonable. And I’ll do my best to give you a short update.

My biggest project yet

In June I landed my biggest client project this far as a photographer. Not in terms of money or deliverables, but in terms of the time and effort that I knew would have to go into this project if I was to come out with a result I was happy with.

Now I can’t really go into detail about the project itself. However I have to conclude that doing this project has helped me develop my photography skills. And I’ve learned so much more about myself as a photographer and what my style of photography is.

Most of the summer has been spent shooting urban landscapes, street and portraits for this project. And I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I can’t wait to do a post solely focusing on some of the images of the project, as well as how I worked to get a body of images that told a story together.

A new camera

My last post was all about why I had decided to preorder the Canon R7. So it’s a bit of a twist that I’ve been shooting almost two months on my brand new Canon R6 now. I ended up cancelling my preorder due to the fact that the R7 was delayed for longer than I dared wait. I needed a camera that could perform for this summers big project and the R6 really has performed. I’m totally in love with it, and will share more on that later.

Have I given up on the R7? No, I’ll probably invest in it as a second body later on when I don’t have to wait for months to have it delivered.

Changing travel plans

We were supposed to go visit my brothers family in Finland this summer. Tickets were booked, kids were hyped, everything was on schedule. Until it wasn’t. Our passports arrived four days after we were supposed to leave, and so we had to change our plans.

We had a few days in Karlstad, Sweden, with the boys. A lot of fun going to the beach, visiting Mariebergsskogen, eating out, playing and shopping together. As I always state; you don’t have to travel far to be an explorer.

Then we had a few days together in Sunnmøre, where we finally got to meet my brother and his family again. It’s been way too long since last time we met up, and it was so nice to see them all again.

Never ending health issues

As summer vacation drew to a close for me, we decided to spend the last few days biking in Trysil. The MTB-trails there are outstanding, and it has become a bit of a family tradition to do bike-out there before everyday life hits after summer vacations.

And it was there, while sitting at the lunch table after a few hours riding, that I suddenly couldn’t see my son sitting next to me. Mind you, he was still there. I just couldn’t see him. Within seconds I lost vision on my left eye, and within a few hours I was back in the hospital. It felt just like in October last year, only this time it was my left eye that lost focus. It’s still blurry vision on that eye, but I know it’ll be back in time.

However a few days after I got back from hospital I started feeling kind of ill. Long story short I ended up back in hospital with COVID (yes, I’m vaccinated). I’m back home now, but still pretty useless. Doctor ordered me to rest for a couple of weeks before I start taking a walk etc to see how that works. So that’s what I’m doing these days. I rest. My eyes, my brain and my body. And when I’m finished resting, all I want to do is shoot and share.

I’ll be back

So, I’ll be back as soon as I can. As soon as my health allows it. I hope that you’ll consider sticking with me and popping back in when I’m ready to post regularly again. And I really hope you’re living your best life, doing what brings you joy and taking care of yourself. And that you remember that there’s always more to explore locally.

Take care,


PS: I’m on VERO now, check it out; @tonjelilleaas



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