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Why Instagram Reels is great for landscape photographers

In todays post I’m going to share my thoughts on why Instagram Reels is great for landscape photographers. Let’s jump right into it!

Instagram is no longer an image sharing platform

Instagram is oversaturated with images of amazing landscapes. Not necessarily because there’s so many amazing landscape photographers out there (I mean; there is, but follow my thought for a second). Simply because shooting landscapes with decent results has become very accessible with all the new technology available. So when everyone can shoot a decent landscape image, how can we as landscape photographers stand out on Instagram?

Instagram have said that they are no longer an image sharing platform. Therefore landscape photographers, along with everyone else who wants their creations to be seen on Instagram, have to take this into consideration and make adjustments to what we share. Luckily Instagram has provided us with a great tool to share more of the landscapes we love to capture; Instagram Reels.

Why Instagram Reels is great for landscape photographers – providing value

If you’re an old school landscape photographer you might feel a bit hesitant to jump on the Reels train. Maybe you don’t want to spend time learning videography or want to focus solely on capturing that perfect image. But I think that sharing Reels have a few advantages that we as landscape photographers can make use of to boost our audience so that our perfect image gets the recognition it deserves. 

First of all; Reels is a great way to show short and simple BTS of how we capture our images. If you do landscape photography that’s a bit more advanced than point and shoot with the latest iPhone, I bet you have something to tell about how you create an image. And I know people will want to see. Simply because I’m one of those who loves to see how other photographers work, and I now I’m not alone. 

Second; it’s a great way to bring value to our followers. Through Instagram Reels we can make short form tutorials about classic composition in landscape photography for instance. Bringing value to our audience is the first thing we’ll want to think about when we want people to follow us in social media. Just sharing nice landscapes simply isn’t enough to grow a following.

Why Instagram Reels is great for landscape photographers – Developing skills

I’ve mentioned a few reasons why Instagram Reels is great for landscape photographers that focus on what we can provide to grow a bigger following and get noticed. But I think the main reason why Instagram Reels is great for landscape photographers is that it’s a great way for us to develop our skills and make use of the time we spend waiting for the perfect conditions on location.

Making the most of our time on location

If you’re anything like me when you’re out hunting for the perfect image, you show up on location at least an hour before the light is supposed to be right. You get your camera ready, lock in composition and focus. Make sure your settings are where you’d like to start off. And then you wait. For the wind to calm, the fog to roll in or lift just a tad or for the sun to color the high clouds.

Instead of simply waiting we could use our second camera, drone or phone to capture footage for a Reel. We can give our viewers an even more complete sense of the mood and conditions when the image was captured, or use the opportunity to teach them how to capture better landscapes than simply letting their phone do the job.

How do you make a great Reel?

So, how do you make a great Reel? Here are some links to earlier blogposts I’ve made on the topic:
And a hot tip if you’re a landscape photographer wanting to do longer form content on YouTube, but you haven’t really gotten started for whatever reason. The road to Youtube goes through Instagram Reels. Start by making great Reels, and move on to the longer form content once you now how to tell a story in a shorter format.

Head out to create

It’s not hard to see why Instagram Reels is great for landscape photographers, we just have to be open to develop our skills and provide more value to our followers.

If you found this post encouraging or valuable, please consider subscribing to my blog and following me on Instagram. It really makes a difference and help me reach more likeminded people. Now head out to create, and remember; there’s always more to explore locally!



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