Tonje Lilleås

A week alone in the mountains

I’ve been asked many times how I’m able to spend days at a time alone in the mountains or at home. Truth is; over the years I’ve just spent so much time alone that I’ve become kind of addicted to it. So yesterday I kissed my wife and boys goodbye and prepared myself for a week alone in the mountains.

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A bit socially awkward?

Now this answer to how I’m able to spend so much time alone is a bit over simplified. So let’s dig a bit deeper, ok? (If you’re not interested, it’s perfectly ok. Just enjoy the fall images spread around the post)

I can’t remember ever not feeling a bit socially awkward. I’ve tried hard to fit in. Studying what it means to be cool and fun and likable, but I’ve never really managed to crack the code. Not in the sense that I’ve been a loner or anything. I’ve just found that this stuff doesn’t come natural to me. It takes a lot of work and energy to be social, and I still don’t feel like I’m really succeeding. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way.

A lot of the things I like to do traditionally are social activities. Most people don’t go skiing or mountain biking or hiking alone, but I have done that a lot. I’m sure there’s a lot of socially awkward outdoor or adventure photographers out there, but most people seem to have a friend or a «crew» with whom they share these interests. But as it is I don’t really know anyone else that are in to the things I enjoy doing. And I’ve just figured that not knowing other people with similar interests shouldn’t stop me from doing stuff. Right?

A luxury I don’t take for granted

Now this might seem like a sad post, or a pity party. It really isn’t. I would love to have people to go out and shoot with, but I really do enjoy these adventures all by myself as well. And I find that spending time alone is a way for me to recharge.

Furthermore I don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to nerd out over my stuff when no-one else is around. Feeling guilty when wanting to spend hours editing or waiting for the light is pretty common  when you have a wife and kids who don’t really share that idea of a perfect day. I really don’t blame them for their lack of photography geeking interest. I love them just the way they are and want them to have their own passions. And I’m really grateful that I get to spend a week alone in the mountains to geek out every now and again. It’s a luxury I know better than to take for granted.

I’m hoping to get to enjoy several hikes and bike rides over the next few days. And I’ll make sure to share some of them with you. Look at that, I’m actually sharing my experience with someone, just not as it happens. And I’m fine with that. So come along for my week alone in the mountains, starting with a few images from last nights hike.

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