Tonje Lilleås

Beautiful rainy days

I’ve just had one of those beautiful rainy days. As a photographer it might seem contradictory that I enjoy the grey and rainy days, but I really find them refreshing. Let me show you why.

A beautiful rainy day

The forecast for today was grey. Cloudy, rainy and a wee bit of wind. As I pulled the curtains aside this morning I concluded that the weather man had done his job to the point. Clouds hanging low, a bit of fog in the mountainside, drops of rain on every piece of grass I could see. The sight could have made me curl back under the covers, however it did result in me being eager to get outside and shoot.

As I mentioned in my last post I’m spending this week alone in the mountains. Or more accurately in my in laws cabin. Sounds about as brilliant as it is. There’s a little catch though. I’m not here just to shoot and relax. My main reason for spending this week here is work related. And so even if this beautiful rainy day had me eager to head out and shoot, I had to get some work done first.

Taking a break to shoot

As I watched the clock slowly turning from early morning to 10 AM, I decided to head out for a short break to clear my mind before logging into a meeting online half an hour later. It’s pretty amazing to work from the cabin in the sense that my breaks are more meaningful and really helps me reset and recharge throughout the workday.

I didn’t need to walk more than a few hundred meters to get a few snapshots of seasons changing. And I think clearing my mind this way made it far easier to head back to the computer to finish the workday.

Exploring new pockets of magical landscapes

Straight after work, I packed my camera backpack, hopped on my bike and headed out to shoot again. These beautiful rainy days are the best for intimate landscapes where the sky doesn’t play a huge role. Therefore I decided to limit myself a bit to make sure I didn’t shoot grand vistas. They wouldn’t work with the conditions anyway. And so I only brought my 40 mm f 2.8 and my 70-200 mm f4. The setup limits me, and challenges me to get creative with my compositions. I quite enjoy this kind of photography.

I explored some new parts of the area around the cabin and discovered some amazing trees I haven’t seen before. As well as a few tarns I have only seen from a distance when hiking up to Håmmårhøa or Bangardsvorda (amazing names on the surrounding mountains, right?). I love finding these small pockets of serenity in the landscape, and had a blast shooting the beautiful rainy day.

Beautiful rainy day dusk shoot?

As I got back to the cabin I was soaked. Not because the rainfall was so heavy, but because I’d moved around on the ground and in the bush to get the right angles and compositions. I decided to light a fire, make some dinner and start editing todays images.

I’m planning to head out again around dusk. Hoping to get a few images when the fog decends from the mountains. Beautiful rainy days only get more magical when you ad a bit of fog. I’f the conditions turn out the way I hope, I’ll share my images tomorrow morning. If not, I’ll be back with another post when I have captured something worth sharing. Make sure to enjoy the next beautiful rainy day heading your way, and remember; there’s always more to explore locally!



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