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A winter family adventure

After weeks of staying at home with colds, covid and other bugs, we finally got to go on a winter family adventure. And we had a blast!

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Boys first winter sleepover at the cabin

First of all; this winter family adventure has proven that our youngest is no longer Baby Boy, so I’ll have to find a new nickname for him. He is still our little one, but he has grown and matured out of that nickname. I’ll go with Little Brother for now.

Neither Big Brother or Little Brother have stayed at the cabin at Savalen during winter before. We’ve been a bit concerned about small kids running around in a tight space around a glowing hot wood-burner. But this year we simply decided that we had to try. We needed some quality time as a family in a different environment than our day-to-day.

And so we packed our bags for an adventure in the mountains.

I feel so home here, mum

Now I’ve written a lot about how I feel the most home when I’m in the mountains. Big Brother told me he shared the feeling of belonging out there while at the cabin one night. We had been skiing all day, roasting marshmallows on the fire and gone cross country skiing back home in the dusk. “I feel so home here, mum” he said as we landed on the sofa. “I can’t explain it, but it just feels good to be in the mountains”. I couldn’t agree more.

I think our boys recognize that the pace is different. And with it my wife and I are able to lower our levels of stress. This does not mean that we are a family for long mornings and relaxation. We crave activity and adventures. But we do more of what we actually want to do, and less of what we have to do. We felt a bit of the same freedom in the very beginning of the lockdowns, and I think we just have to find a way to incorporate more of it in our everyday lives.

Santa actually lives here

One of the things that had Little Brother most excited about our winter family adventure at Savalen, was meeting Santa. He was a bit unsure of the whole “Santa lives at Savalen” thing, knowing that Santa actually lives in the North Pole. But Big Brother had told him Santa had a house at Savalen that he could visit, and he was very eager. In fact we had to put visiting the Santa first thing on our agenda as we arrived.

We skied over from the cabin and went looking for Santa. Turned out he wasn’t home that day, bummer. But we were told it would be possible to attend a “Santas apprentice school” that week, and both the boys wanted to join in. Little Brother got to meet Santa several times over the next few days, and was finally convinced that Santa actually lives at Savalen. At least parts of the year.

A proper winter family adventure

As our stay at the cabin came to a close we all agreed that this had been our favorite winter vacation this far. I’ve not been able to take days off for us to travel during winter vacation before. But I will most certainly make sure it’s not the last time we schedule a winter family adventure to the cabin.

I had all intentions of creating a lot of content during our stay. And I did capture a lot of images of all our activities. I even got our one night to fly my drone during golden hour. I’ll share a post on flying drones in cold temperatures later.

As for now I hope you’ve enjoyed this peak into our winter family adventure. And if you did, please consider giving the post a like, subscribing to my blog and/or newsletter and following me on Instagram. It would really make me happy! And remember; there’s always more to explore locally!



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