Tonje Lilleås

Getting back at it

I’ve been down and out coughing my lungs out for the last two weeks, and so I haven’t been able to post anything. And as I’ve said before; that’s just how it has to be sometimes. I can’t beat myself up about not being able to stay consistent when life happens. But now it’s time for getting back at it.

An urban creative outlet

Right before I got sick I headed out to shoot some urban/street photography. I do that from time to time, and I enjoy it a lot. I’m very comfortable in my role as a landscape and outdoor photographer, and my best days are spent in the mountains. But as we’ve chosen to settle where we have, I’m not able to head out into the mountains without a lot of planning ahead. No matter how hard I hear them calling me. Having another way to stay creative, a way that doesn’t demand as much preparations, is crucial.

Please don’t confront me

I always feel a bit insecure at first during one of my photowalks in town. There are images all over, and I often spot a composition that I’d really like to shoot. But a lot of the time it involves the possibility of catching someones attention because of where I need to position myself to get the image. And as I’ve mentioned before my great fear is being confronted while shooting. I think that’s the reason why I probably never would be any good at real street photography, but may be a decent urban photographer if I keep practicing.

Heading to the mountains

Next week, if everything goes to plan, we’re headed for the cabin in Savalen. I’m hoping to be able to capture some wintery landscapes in golden light. And some adventure shots of the boys. There’s really no point in planning a lot of photography when I travel with my family, other things are in focus. However I should be able to capture some stuff if I only make sure to bring my camera.

Missing lockdown-life?

I’ve always wondered how the family influencers are able to capture so much of their day-to-day. Not that I want to be an influencer in any way, shape or form. But I do want to figure out a way to combine my interest of photography and videography with family life. And I did to a certain extent during the Corona Chroincles, but the thing is; we don’t live like that. We’re not out hiking, biking or adventuring during the day every day. We were for a few weeks though. And I have to admit that I really miss it.

Getting back at it

I just wanted to share this short update to get back at posting. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to create a lot more outdoorsy content in the weeks and months ahead, and that I’l be back at my consistent Sunday afternoon blog posts. It would be amazing if you’d subscribe to my blog to give me a boost as I’m getting back at it. And for those of you who are waiting for my newsletter; it’s coming. It’s a month delayed due to me being sick, but it’s coming next week for sure. I really hope I’ll see you all back here Sunday!



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