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About being a great ally and some amazing creatives to check out

I was going to post about early summer family adventures and how I captured the images for Isolation/Solitude this week. However I’m not going to do that. Instead I want to shed a light on how to be a great ally and some creatives that deserve their voices amplified.

How to be a great ally

I recognize that I will never fully understand, however I choose to stand as an ally to all the people of color facing racism every day. But what do it actually mean to stand as an ally? Is it as simple as posting a black profile picture on Facebook or a black frame on Instagram?

I’m no expert. But here’s a few good resources I’ve found on how to be a great ally:

A few TEDx talks to check out

Let’s start with listening and educating ourselves. Here’s a few TEDx talks to start with:

Great creative voices

I would love to contribute to amplifying voices of these great creatives that my readers might not have heard of

I urge you to check out some of the links I provided in this post. Listen. Educate yourself. Be an ally.



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