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We’re actually missing lockdown? – Corona Chronicles day 77

Through the Corona Chronicles I wanted to show that it was possible to enjoy the time we had in lockdown. And I think we asa family succeeded. So much so in fact, that we’re now actually missing lockdown. Didn’t see that one coming did you?

Back to normal = less time together

I don’t think we’re the only family that appreciated having to spend more time together once lockdown hit us. I’ve read more than one piece on how life during lockdown was more like the life people want to live. Less stress, fewer appointments and emptier schedules meant more time to just be together. We chose to spend this time outside. Exploring local forests, trails and beaches. Others chose to spend their family time differently. However it seems like a lot of families have gotten the opportunity to grow a bit closer through this experience.

I’m sure some families have felt the exact opposite as well, don’t get me wrong. I do understand that this has been a challenging time for a lot of people. And I can’t even try to imagine how horrifying these last few months have been for those living with families that aren’t safe. I really hope that our society is ready to help all the children of abusive or violent parents that has been forced to spend the last months with their violators. And I see how getting back to normal can be great for them.

Nonetheless I do find myself missing the time we had as a family during lockdown. I miss having lunch together, going for an outdoor adventure midday every day. And I miss being able to read my children throughout the day, being able to tell if they’re having a rough day and needs us to chill. Or to photograph them every day, capturing how they grow and develop together in nature. The harsh reality for a lot of us is that going back to normal means spending way less time together. Normal life isn’t life spent together as a family. How did that happen?

When you miss lockdown; live for the afternoons, weekends and vacations?

To make sure we don’t fall into a collective family funk, we try to keep some of the elements of life in lockdown still. We dance after dinner for instance. Baby Boy wants to shake it out to “Dance monkey” still, and he communicates it so well without any words. We spend hours in the garden when the boys are tired after preschool. If they have a bit of energy left we go for a short adventure in the forest. It’s not much we have time for between getting home from preschool and bedtime (four hours tops!), but we do try to make the best of them.

During the weekends we try to keep to about the same schedule that we made during lockdown. Slow morning playtime, napping, outdoor adventure, relaxing, dinner, playing in the garden. That’s about it. And it’s the best of days. We’re really looking forward to vacation this summer. Especially going back home to see family. Staycation wasn’t according to plan, however we look forward to it nonetheless.

Climbing and visits

Last week Big Brother got to go climbing in the local climbing park. Wearing gloves, keeping distance to other climbers, but still enjoying himself as if it was just a normal day. Even if I do miss lockdown and the family adventures, I love to see how the activities that we love is opening again.

Tomorrow we are expecting my mother and her husband, and I’m so looking forward to seeing them again. Getting visitors is something I really missed during lockdown. And since I’m still working from the home office I don’t get to meet a lot of other people than my wife and kids. So I’m really happy that they’re finally able to make it here. The forecast is great, so we’re going to spend a lot of time outside. Showing them a few of our favorite outings from time in lockdown. It’ll be great.

We’re actually missing lockdown

I can’t believe that we’re actually missing lockdown. But we are. And I think we just have to define what it is that we’re missing, and try to incorporate more of that in our daily lives. Lockdown was a reminder of how we want to spend our time together as a family. Since we know better how we’d like to live now, maybe this is the time to start making some changes to make room for that day to day? What have you learned about yourself or your family during lockdown?

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy and that you make the best of these days as society is opening back up. Make sure to take time to use some of the freedom we are getting back to get outside. And remember; there’s always more to explore locally.



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