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An active and outdoorsy staycation

Last week I decided to mute my content in order to give room for voices more important than mine right now. The situation hasn’t changed, however this week I want to bring some inspiration for an active and outdoorsy staycation.

Finally getting to see family

A week and a half ago we finally got to see my mum and her husband again. We were supposed to spend Easter with them, but as you’ve probably gathered from the Corona Chronicles that didn’t happen. When we were finally able to see each other again, we decided to spend as much time as possible outside. And we had some wonderful days together, getting a real taste of summer. Hiking, climbing, going to the beach and the playground, spending time in the garden and eating as many meals as possible on the patio. It really felt like staycation had started already!

The year of staycation

I’m not sure what the definition of staycation really is. When I participated in Canon Nordics campaign 24 hours of north last year, the definition was to only travel in the Nordic countries. To me staycation means not going abroad, staying home a lot and only going for short outings. So technically we never fully do staycation as we always visit my family during our vacation. Therefore I have decided to broaden the definition a bit and include visiting family and going to the cabin.

And this summer is the summer where most of us will be staycationing. COVID-19 still means we get to think differently about what vacation means, and a lot of people will enjoy staycation for the first time. I’ve gathered that many Norwegians don’t know what to do or where to go from the countless posts asking for tips in social media. To me it’s a bit weird, as I feel we’re living in one of the countries where staycation really can be a blast.

An active and outdoorsy staycation

I wanted to include a few of our plans for this summer and hope to inspire people to have an active and outdoorsy staycation of their own.


First of all we are learning how to ride a stand up paddle board this summer. We bought a cheap beginners board for the family and it’s coming with us whenever we’re going to be close to still waters. It’s a fun project learning a new skill over the summer, and something we’re all going to have to learn from scratch. The process will be well documented and shared at some point.

Bike park

The last weekend of June we have booked a cabin close to Trysil Bike Park. I’m taking Big Brother, who just learned to ride his bike by himself, to the beginner trails in the mountains. We’ll also do a few family hikes and maybe visit the climbing park if we’re up for it. The SUP is coming along in case we run into still waters. Might even go for a swim if the weather allows. I’m also planning on a few sunset shoots after the rest of the family is tucked in safe and sound.

Road trip

In July we leave for our road trip to visit family. Starting with a few days of cabin life at Savalen, before we head on towards Sunnmøre. We’re trying to make the driving days as outdoorsy as possible as well, and plan to bring lunch for a short hike midday. It’s important for both the boys, our dog and us grownups to be able to be a bit active and not sit for hours at a time.

In Sunnmøre we’ll have more than enough options to enjoy the majestic surroundings both in the mountains and by the fjord. We’re hoping to catch some fish during our stay. And exploring a part of nature our boys don’t see that often; salt water beaches. I have so many fond memories of looking for seashells and crabs as a kid. I’m hoping the boys will have too.

We’re looking into finding a new and easy hike for Big Brother, as he really wants to be on top of a real mountain. (Around here we’ve mostly got lean hills, not a real mountain in sight.) Baby Boy is still small enough to sit in his carrier. We have a few options, and I’m looking forward to sharing images of the family once we’re on top.

And back again

Once we’re done adventuring with family in Sunnmøre we’ll have a few more days of cabin life before heading home. However that doesn’t mean that our active and outdoorsy staycation is over. At home we’ll enjoy lazy days in the garden. Trampoline jumps, playing in the “pool” and taking care of all the sweetness growing and blossoming. Outings to the beach, walks in the forest, paddling the SUP, bike rides, barbecues and building a fort to read in shade. Staycation can be pretty great.

Explore locally will happen

I had set out to document our family adventures this year. Creating high quality videos and images for the “Explore locally” project. And I’m going to do that over the summer. The first season of the project will be different than planned, but I don’t think it will be any less interesting.

Also over the next week I will finish the second and third part of the “Getting the image”- series. I’m chuffed about the results I have so far, and think the Isolation/Solitude image set will be a nice one. Look out and stay tuned for that!

I wish you the very best days. And do remember to explore locally?



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