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No such thing as bad weather?

Today has been one of those days where I’ve asked myself repeatedly; is it really true that there’s no such thing as bad weather? I’m not superstitious, but today I think I’ve jinxed the possibilities of ok conditions for photography more than once.

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There’s no such thing as bad weather, but this is shifting too fast

From the moment I woke up, got out of bed, pulled the curtains aside and saw the weather outside this day has been a waiting game. Strong winds, heavy rain, sun and clear skies. It’s shifted so many times throughout the day that I’m starting to feel dizzy.

It sent rivers down my spine (not shivers)

Around lunch it looked promising, so I decided to head out. The goal was to hike to the top of Savalkletten to get some establishing shots for a video edit I wanted to make while here. I packed light and jumped on my bike. 

The bike-ride was great, even though the winds were a bit strong. As I was locking my bike by the trail, I thought this were going to be a nice hike. The sun was shining through dramatic clouds, and I started thinking about the images and video footage I would be able to get from the top. I even got my GoPro out and decided to vlog the hike. And then as if someone flipped a switch, lunch on top of the mountain was cancelled. I think maybe the blogging jinxed it.

The bike-ride back to the cabin was a nightmare. Strong headwind combined with heavy rain made it difficult to see anything. And I could feel water dripping from my helmet, making it’s way inside my woolen jumper. The weather didn’t send shivers down my spine, but I did have a river running down it.

A second chance?

Back at the cabin I lit my second fire of the day, turned on a podcast while I made a chicken sandwich for lunch. Not a bad lunch at all. And I kept watching the weather as I worked my way through some of the images I had yet to edit from our last family adventures.

After dinner the sun decided to stay out for a while. The winds were lighter, and I hadn’t seen rain in about an hour. Conditions looked promising yet again. I decided to vlog a few short sentences on my plan of heading out to shoot yet again. I even sent my wife a text telling her that I might not be in for the goodnight FaceTime with the boys. As my camera backpack were ready and I was tying my shoelaces I a shadow cast in the cabin, I heard the wind picking up and I heard rain. Heavy duty, rivers down my spine, rain. Was it the blogging again, or the text to my wife?

I know there’s no such thing as bad weather. But I also know that if I was to say that there is, it would be this kind. Give me rain or wind or sun or whatever, but decide goddamnit.

Try again another day

Tomorrow looks promising by the forecast. I’m in meetings all day, but if the forecast comes through, I’ll be out for a sunset shoot. Oh no, did I just jinx it yet again?

As for now I leave you with some of the images I’ve edited while watching the weather throughout the day. Hope you like them and pop back for my next attempt to get the shots I was after today!

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