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Color walk – When I walk pt. 3

As you may have caught up on I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut this spring. And I’ve done what I can to follow my own advice from my last post to try to get out of that rut. However it wasn’t until I tried a color walk that my creativity sparked a bit.

Color walk – am I on TikTok now?

First of all; no I’m not on TikTok. I’m just not that young and hip. But I watched this YouTube video by Jake Frew (an amazing creator by the way, you should totally check him out), and he mentioned that color walks were a trend on TikTok these days. I saw how excited he was about following the color orange, and I decided to give the concept a chance.

All the colors of the rainbow

It’s no secret that I celebrate Pride every June. The other day my wife and I talked about the fact that there are very few things that make us more happy than seeing someone having put up the rainbow/pride flag outside their house. It makes us feel like a part of something, and helps us remember that we’re not the only gays in the village.

So naturally when I set out to photograph colors, I didn’t want to settle for just one color. I wanted all six represented in the flag, and I wanted enough images to make a collage that could make out my own pride flag.

A run and gun photography bike ride

I knew I wanted to cover a bigger area than I would be able to purely walking, and headed out for a bike ride. I wanted to cover the forest, the lakeside, the museums and downtown all in one evening. My goal was 18 images, three in each color of the rainbow. I failed. But I got quite a few images worth sharing anyway. And most importantly; I felt the creativity creeping back in and expanding.

At sunset I knew I was missing red. But after hours outside shooting, I had exhausted my stamina and had to face the fact that I didn’t have a single image more in me that night. I couldn’t feel disappointed though, as I had had a wonderful run and gun photography bike ride. Or a color walk if you will.

Chasing red

I’m still going to make the collage, my very own Pride flag. Over the next few days I’m heading out to chase red in another color walk. I can hardly wait to feel the creative energies again. And if you feel stuck with your creative work, or just want to jump on a TikTok trend, I highly recommend heading out on a color walk of your own. Should you chose to do so, remember; there’s always more to explore locally!

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