Tonje Lilleås

Glimpses of Summer

Let me give you a few glimpses of summer, or at least what it’s been to us this far this year. And I’ll throw in a few tips on how to document this summer on your own as well. Let’s go!

A green explosion

I don’t know how this year has been for all of you guys, but for me it’s been flying by. Not because I’ve had such a blast, but because it’s just been so much on the schedule all the time. All of a sudden the small signs of spring had turned into a full green explosion, and I had to admit that summer is already here.

I love the greenery, and spend a lot of time documenting the scenes I see on my walks. I think green is my favorite color, along with blue. Green is life-giving. It’s energizing and calming at the same time. I especially like the deep, dark, muted greens. With a hint of blue. Luckily they are all around.

Glimpses of summer with the boys

One of the things that I’ve intentionally put in my schedule as often as possible is getting outside with my wife and the boys. And we’ve had some pretty nice family adventures. Most of them have been documented well, even if I haven’t shared that much from them on here lately. But we’ve had a blast, and the boys are growing so so fast.

Our first proper travel post COVID

We got home from our first proper travel experience post COVID a week ago. Our adventure brought us to the biggest zoo in the country, spending an oval weekend of Family Funtime with my mum and her husband. The boys got to enjoy hotel breakfasts, pancakes included, hours in the swimming pool and a lot of quality time with both parents and grandparents. Traveling there by train was an adventure of its own. They were full of stories to tell and impressions to share once they got back to pre-school. For us grown ups I think the biggest take away was feeling like things were almost back to normal, and a much needed break from the monotony that has been 2020/2021. And it gave us precious memories and true glimpses of summer as well.

Documenting summer

Now you might have already read my post on how to document your family adventures. If not, I suggest you go check it out! But I’d also like to offer a few more tips for you to be able to document your own glimpses of summer;

  • An image of a famous building or location, or of a meal says nothing about your experience or tell your story. Focus on capturing feelings, moods and relations between people. Those are the things that will make your glimpses of summer unique.
  • Shoot all day, all summer. Stories worth telling doesn’t just happen while traveling, on a summit, on a restaurant or during sunrise/sunset. The stories from your backyard might be just as valuable to tell.
  • Focus on what summer means to you. Share your glimpses of summer, not the ones you see everyone else sharing.
  • And remember; there’s always more to explore locally. You don’t have to travel far to be an explorer.

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you this summer. Both stories I’d like to tell, and some educational pieces on how to get better at outdoor photography and videography. I hope you’ll stick around for it!



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