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Moody Sunday – Corona Chronicles Day 3

We’ve had a moody Sunday on this third day of the Corona Chronicles. The weather has been moody, the forest was rather moody and I think it has reflected us as well. Both grown ups and kids have been a bit more short tempered. Zelda has been craving a lap to curl up in. But does that mean it’s been a bad day? Not at all.

The plan of jumping puddles failed – Moody Sunday in the forest it is

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, the forecast for today was rain. We had promised our oldest puddles to jump in. Big mistake. As moody as the weather was, it was not enough rain for puddles. So we switched it up and decided to practice our orientation and navigation skills.

I have to admit we didn’t just choose to find our ways through the forest without following the trails due to the lack of puddles. As my wife put it, walking outside the trails means it’s less chance of meeting people anyway, right?

Corona lockdown means a lot of people find their ways to the trails. Which is a good thing. I think it’s crucial for peoples mental health and wellbeing to get outside instead of worrying in front of the news all day long. Especially on moody days like this Sunday. Moody Sunday. It doesn’t ring well.

Kids don’t notice moody weather

Our walk through the forest lifted our spirits. The kids don’t notice the moody weather, and immediately get energized when we start an adventure. We started off by exploring the balance park and the swings. Great fun! Then we told our oldest to show the way to this crossing where we were going to have a biscuit stop. Only catch was that he wasn’t allowed to follow any trails. Exciting!

On our way we were gathering pine cones for a project we’re working on, and searching for signs of the deer we know lives in the forest. We found both footprints and fresh droppings, but probably made way too much sound to see them.

Once our oldest son had lead us safely through the forest to the biscuit crossing, it started raining. The kids didn’t notice until their moody mums told them. Great job mums!

Sheltered from the trees – and finally some puddles

The rest of the way we competed in finding the best shelter from the rain under the trees. Our oldest stated he hated getting wet. I’m not sure that’s really true.

You see after dinner we went puddle hunting once more. The first puddle we found on top of our outside table. But for obvious reasons we couldn’t jump in that one. It provided some nice reflections of our lilacs though. Can’t wait for them to turn green and start blossoming. Wonder if we’ll still be in lockdown by that time?

A (very) short bike ride from our house we did find the perfect puddle to jump in though. And since I wanted to capture it in camera, our son got to jump several times. Perfect way to end the day.

A sniffle and a cough

Our youngest have had a bit of a sniffle today. He even coughed once. We’re not afraid he’s ill, he has had the best mood among all of us today. Still it made me think a “what if”. That thought is a decease itself. What ifs are just making a moody Sunday even moodier, and nothing we should be polluting our minds with. He’s fine. We’re all fine.

And even if this might not have been the best of days, maybe not even a good day, it was good enough. We had fun, we got loads of fresh air, we baked a brownie and we crushed that Super Mario game once again. And I have to say; nothing kills a moody Sunday like our oldest laughing his best laugh while playing video games.

Stay safe, take care! And explore some local outdoor gems if you can.




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