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Help me reach my goal?

In my first post of the year I will quite bluntly ask you to help me reach my goal of regaining freedom, independence and mobility this year.

Over the last few years I’ve had some struggles with my health. In short the connection between my nerves and muscles don’t do what they are supposed to leading to muscle weakness, muscle fatiguability and muscle twitching. For me this means that I have double vision, spastic voice and great difficulty walking.

The challenge

The biggest problem for me isn’t my symptoms, but what it leads to. I still get to work half time, I get to work out three times a week and I get to spend time with my amazing family. I have crutches and a manual wheelchair makes it possible for me to take part in some activities with my family, mostly indoors or on paved roads.

However I’m 100% relying on help to get around. Where I used to be able to bike everywhere and go places when I wanted to, I now depend on someone to drive me. Meaning I actually spend most of my time at home these days.

I want to be able to get back out with the camera when conditions are good or someone needs me to, and not just when I can get transportation. I want to pick up my kids from school, or take them for a walk in the forest by myself. And I really want to be able to get to/from work and other appointments without having to rely on others.

The solution

I have found a solution that will make all of this and more possible; the ExoQuad. The ExoQuad is an all terrain wheelchair with 4WD, that will replace my bike as my main form of transportation. Wherever I used to bike before, I will be able to use the ExoQuad. It really is an amazing wheelchair, that offers the level of freedom, independence and mobility that I’m missing these days. But it’s wicked expensive.

After much consideration my wife has started a Spleis to see if it’s possible to raise enough money for us to put in an order for the ExoQuad. Spleis is kind of the Norwegian form of GoFundMe. I would highly appreciate it if you would check out the Spleis, share it or contribute to it if you have the means.

I’ve also made a video about this Spleis. It’s in Norwegian, but if you just jump to about 5 min into the video, you’ll see a montage with some footage of me in the ExoQuad and from the years leading up to this.

Thanks for your support over the last few years. On the 24th I’ll be back with new and more consistent posts, in a slightly new direction. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

All the best,


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