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My one goal for 2024

Let me tell you about my one goal for 2024.

December is here, and this is usually a time for reflection for me. I’m not one for new years resolutions, but I like to make sure that I actually remember, appreciate and learn from my experiences over the last 12 months. And I also set intentions and goals for the following year. For 2024 I have just one simple goal. But let’s start with 2023.

I probably haven’t been present enough

One of the ways I reflect on the year that passed is through making the yearly photo book. And this year I wasn’t really sure I would have enough images. I had the impression that I hadn’t really shot that much this year, and was a bit nervous I would only have images for a pamphlet. Much to my surprise I actually had to do a lot of culling to make sure the book didn’t become too voluminous.

And this tells me that this year has been eventful, but just as much that I haven’t been present enough. Last December I hardly shot anything. I only have a few images from last winter, but as spring arrived something changed.

Most of us remember 2020 as a year that was rather tough. However as I looked back at that year in December of 2020, I found that we had actually achieved something rather amazing. We had created so many memories that helped our family bond even stronger than before.

A year of new angles

Now that it’s December of 2023 I could focus on all the challenges of 2023. But looking back, much like in 2020, I find that this has been another year in which we have succeeded to create memories that unite us as a family.

Loosing Zelda was incredibly difficult for us, but it also was one of those things that really connected us. Sharing thoughts, feelings, memories and a few tears makes our relationships even stronger. We miss Zelda a lot, but she taught us great things about life together in her passing.

This December also marks a year with mobility aids for me. It let having to use them stop me from photographing what I wanted last winter. Through the year I have learned that right now the mobility aids gives me more freedom, more range and more possibilities of experiences. They’re not a bad thing. They’re a gift right now. And since my mindset shifted, I have captured so many memories. Some images even offer a totally new angle on things, because they’ve been captured from a wheelchair.

One of the things I really wanted to do this year, was to make more videos. I planned quite a few down to very detailed shot lists, but I haven’t really made that many. There’s many reasons for this, but the main one is closely linked with my one goal for 2024.

I plan the juice out of every project

You see I’m great at planning. I make mood boards, shot lists, to do lists and lists of lists. I envision everything so clearly and with such attention to detail that by the time I’m ready to start a project, I have no juice left.

One of the consequences is that I’m not able to make something that lives up to my expectations that build with the planning. I’m so good at planning, that I can’t meet the standards in executing. So I tell myself I have to wait with that project until I’m more advanced in some way.

But the thing is; with this process I end up not making stuff at all.

More executing, less planning

In 2024 however, I want to focus more on executing and less on planning. Kind of like I did when I started the Corona Chronicles. I didn’t plan a single post, but simply created something each day and shared it. And I loved it.

And that is my goal for 2024. By the end of the year I hope I have an abundance of images, videos and blogposts to look back at. Not perfect ones, not heavily planned ones. I just want to make stuff consistently through the year.

You see I think this will bring me more joy. And I definitely know it will make me learn a lot. Not only about making stuff, but about being less bothered about perfection. I think it’s a good way to start over. And in the year I’m turning 40, starting over sounds just about right. More on that later.

Enjoy December

I hope you’re all having a great December this far. And I would love to hear what your focus for 2024 will be. Drop a comment down below.

And if you too need to focus on more executing, less planning; remember that there’s always more to explore locally.




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