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How to turn a day – Corona Chronicles day 11

Today started off great, but changed into our most challenging day in lockdown so far. So tonight I can’t help but wondering about how to turn a day once it starts going in the wrong direction?

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Starting it off the right way isn’t always enough

Morning routines, or routines in general, is emphasized as really important for a balanced and good life. And I have to say I agree. Starting the day off right is really important both for myself individually and I think for our whole family.

And we did follow our morning routine down to the fingertips today. Hence our day got off to a great start. Once our youngest had had his first nap, we went outside to spend some time on the beach and go for a walk. A great break from home office work and playing inside.

We had biscuits and tasty strawberry raisins for snack time, played tag and gathered a few rocks for an art project scheduled later this week. Pretty much a great way to spend a few hours as a family.

Then the day started going in the wrong direction.

How to turn a day

I don’t know what kicked it off. But once baby boy woke up from his second nap, it seemed like our whole group dynamic changed. Suddenly jealousy, moodiness and talking back was as present as it never has been before. It felt like we had been switched out with another family entirely. We tried playing, we tried distancing, we tried diversion. Dinner was a disaster, and not even our usual after dinner routines was successful in turning the day back on track.

All I could think about was; how to turn a day once the shit hits the fan? More specifically how to turn a day when you can’t use any of your normal tools because you’re kind of stuck together as a whole group due to being in lockdown?

I’m sure we’re not the only family that’s going to ask themselves this question over the next few weeks. We knew days like this would come once we learned that preschools were closing. They’re inevitable whenever a group of people are forced to spend all hours of the day together for longer periods at a time. It doesn’t matter how much you love each other or how well you prepare for everything to run smoothly. Hitting the bump of going on each other’s nerves will happen.

Preparing for a better tomorrow

We didn’t find the solution for how to turn a day today. And that’s ok. We kissed our boys goodnight and knew that we’ll just have to prepare for a better tomorrow. Not letting a rough one work linger is important. Also telling each other that it’s ok not to handle everything each day. And after all we had a great first half of the day, and that’s not too shabby either.

(But if anyone has the answer to how one turns a day, please let us know in the comments below…)



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