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One woman down – Corona Chronicles day 9

I was going to post a video from todays hike. That was my plan. Make a video, edit it and post it. A perfect Saturday in my opinion. Then I got a bit stupid on a patch of ice, and suddenly we were one woman down. Literally, I was down on the ground.

One woman down – Why are you crying, mum?

It happened very fast as falling usually does. But I did manage to think; I’ve got my camera backpack on, I cannot land on it. I turned over in the air and landed hard on my right hand. I made a scream and scared my kids. Our family of four (five) were one woman down. I tried to be brave and say I was fine, but surely they didn’t believe me.

”Why are you crying, mum?” my oldest asked. “Oh, just because my finger is not in its right position and it hurts like crazy, champ.” I felt so amazingly stupid. Just seconds before I fell, I was lecturing my son on how to not take risks by walking on the ice right now. “Hospitals have other stuff to care about than hikers falling now, my son.” Lecture was meant for myself I guess. Major backfire.

Do you have an appointment? Do you have any symptoms?

By the position of my little finger combined with the severity of the pain, we figured it needed to be checked out. A trip to the ER was inevitable. We called ahead and made an appointment. Was told that no one was allowed to come in with me.

Two questions were repeated by every person I met on my way from the ER to the hospital for x-rays and finally the orthopedic specialist at the hospital. Security guards, volunteers from the Red Cross, nurses, hospital staff and doctors all asked the same two questions first. Do you have and appointment? Do you have any symptoms?

Only the doctor at the ER and the orthopedic specialist remembered to ask me why I was there, what had happened to me and how I felt aside from not having any symptoms of the virus. And I don’t blame the rest of the people I met. What an amazingly stressful situation they are in these days. They are doing such an important job, I really admire them and feel so grateful that they’re out there fighting for us.

Finger back in position, nothing’s broken

X-rays showed that I hadn’t broken anything. Just severely bruised and a finger that needed to be put back in its position. A few painkillers and bandages and I was ready to build yet another piece for my sons LEGO city after dinner.

Hope you’re all having a good Saturday. We’re going to open a bottle of red and watch the last two episodes our show. Not a bad way to end this day I think.



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