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Time to rest – Corona Chronicles day 10

Today it was time to to rest for me. Yesterdays fall had me wake up with bruises and aches. This morning I felt a tiny bit like a ran over me. So I didn’t plan for or go on any adventures today. However that does not mean that the day has been uneventful.

Time to rest and have a slow morning

Our days are pretty much the same. We wake up, have breakfast and play with the boys until our youngest wants his first nap. During this nap we either work (weekdays) or play with our oldest (weekends). Today I spent this first part of the day building legos with big brother. And I’m telling you, building legos with the right hand in bandages is a proper coordination challenge for the left hand.

When baby boy wakes up from his nap we usually go out adventuring. Today I stayed in while my wife brought the boys to our nearby forest. Slow morning on the couch with podcast and a magazine was just perfect. Our oldest had a playdate in the forest with a friend from preschool, so they hadn’t missed me one second. This made me feel less bad for taking some time to rest.

Dancing, arts, dinner and a movie – perfect way to spend Sunday

Last Sunday was a bit moody, this one was the exact opposite. We made heavenly turkey for dinner, painted Easter eggs and drew a lot, and we danced. The dancing is a part of our daily routine. Right after dinner we put on one of our favorite songs, turn the volume up high and dance our butts off. Today it was “Dance Monkey” and “Riv i hjertet” that got our groove on.

I just read an article about the importance of making sure to have at least one moment each day where you laugh whole heartedly with your kids. That kids can handle not everything being perfect as long as they feel safe and have a laugh with their grown ups every day. For us it’s always a laughing moment when we dance after dinner. We look so stupid and we have so much fun. It’s impossible not to laugh. Both boys ask for us to turn on the music to dance if us grown ups forget one day. Our oldest by asking for a song he’d like us to play, our youngest by pointing at the speaker, putting his arms up and waving them while saying “nanana”. It’s one of those things that tie us closer together as a family. That makes us a “we”. We dance after dinner. And I love it.

A slow Sunday is best ended with a great movie. We’re rewatching all the Harry Potters. I’ve already paid my tribute to Albus Dumbledore once today, but I’ll keep it up with this quote to end todays post;

“Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open”

Something to remember when the whole world is currently fighting the same fight against this fracking virus. I hope your Sunday has been wonderful and that you’ve also had some time to rest!



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