Tonje Lilleås

Just a short update

I’ve been absent more than I’ve been present around here the last year, and I’m so fed up with it. So here’s just a short update for all of you still visiting my page.

Hospitals, doctors visits and working out

My health issues is still very present and taking a good chunk of my time and energy. Meaning I still spend more time than I would like to on appointments at hospitals and with my doctors. Between them I still try to get in 4-6 workouts a week, just maintaining my strength as best as possible. It’s really status quo with my legs, meaning I’m still depending on mobility aids.

My vision is double a lot of the time, and for a photographer that’s still less than ideal. If I speak too long my voice gets week and slurry (is that even a word), and I never knew how many muscles goes into chewing a sandwich.

Great days still outnumber the bad ones

All the issues aside, I still have a lot of great days. I spend a lot of time drawing, quite some time researching and learning new photo/video skills and a lot of time being inspired by fellow creators that make so much great content.

Lately I’ve started making a series of shorts that are more like tutorials, and I really enjoy the whole process from scripting to shooting and editing. The first one is up today, and I really hope people will find it somewhat valuable.

The uncertainty

I have to address what I find most difficult these days, and that’s no doubt the uncertainty.

I was adamant that I would be back to normal by now, with my plans of skiing in January. Now I’ve come to accept that skiing this season probably isn’t going to happen. To say that I’m fine with it would be a huge exaggeration. And I think the biggest reason is that I feel uncertain about when I’ll be able to ski again. Just like I’m feeling a slight uncertainty about wether I’ll be able to take my bike out to hit the trails this season. And a slight uncertainty about being able to hike with a backpack full of camera gear again any time soon, or maybe just being able to hike at all if I’m completely honest.

It’s not that I’ve lost hope. Not at all. I think it’s more of an itch of uncertainty that has crept in on me, and I’m not able to shake it. Maybe I’m not supposed to, maybe the uncertainty is healthy even. I don’t know, I just know it’s there.

I miss shooting

The main reason I’m not able to update this blog as often as I would like to right now, is that it reminds me of how long it’s been since I last got out to shoot. And how much I miss it. As mentioned I still have a lot of great days, but my days are better when I don’t think to much about how much I miss shooting.

I hope your great days outnumber the bad ones. And if they don’t, that’s ok as well. That’s life right now, but in time they will.


All the best,



PS: The images in this post are just a collection of moments from 2022. They hold no significance to the post, other than the fact that I miss capturing them. I’ll be back with new images in due time.



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