Tonje Lilleås


Summit. Not after a long hike. Not before a wild ride back down. Not even summit to be honest. Quite a few meters below. But summit nonetheless.

The call of the mountains

The mountains have been calling all winter. I’ve waited patiently. And today we finally got to answer. Not in the way we may have wanted to or believed we would, but we got to visit nonetheless.

Even though I prefer my mountains without manmade structures, I’m very grateful for the infrastructure that made it possible for me to get up there today.

I know some people were a bit skeptical and unsure if I would be able to walk the distance from the top of the gondola and down to the pavilion. Or to get to the gondola at all. But I knew I would make it. Both because of my extreme stubbornness, and because of the strong pull the mountains have on me.

And I did. Make it. I wonder what people thought as they watched me walking (if you can even call it that) down the slopes. Or even more so making my way back up. I hope they recognized how happy I was more than they noticed my awkward and slow movement.

Little brothers first ride

Little brother hasn’t gotten to ride as much as he should have this year. We’ve been otherwise occupied. And so I was more than a bit skeptical when my wife announced that she would bring him skiing back down from the pavilion.

He had the biggest smile as he made the last few turns in moms arms at the end of the ride. I would have loved to join him for his first ride down this mountain, but as things are I’m just happy I got to be there to cheer him on.

I hope you all have a great Easter!





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