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Keeping up – Corona Chronicles day 20

Keeping up isn’t always easy. Right now I find it super difficult keeping up with the pace of which my children grows and develops. Or with how fast they run or ride their bikes. I mean, come on! Also I tried to fix my oldest sons bike today, not successfully I have to say.

What are these spurts of growth and development?

We had decided to just go for a walk in the neighborhood forest today, as we both need to work a lot and had a few project at the house that needed tending. Choosing another small outing made time for sorting through the clothes and shoes that big brother have grown out of. More than once I was blown away with the fact that he had already grown out of some of the stuff. Not only has he outgrown it, he has passed it with four sizes. And I truly feel it was only yesterday he wore some of it.

When he went to bed tonight I told him to stop growing, and he replied that he couldn’t help that his body decided to grow up fast. Sometimes I really wish he could. It felt a little terrifying knowing that soon our baby boy will be just as big, and we will not be having toddlers ever again. It’s nice and a bit sad at the same time thinking about it.

They get more and more joy out of each others company. Maybe this whole lockdown is doing them some good in a way. not being able to play with other children, they are forced to find common ground and ways to keep up with each other despite the age difference. I love watching their relationship develop. But I always come back to the same questions; how do they grow up so fast? When did they learn that? Where did that tooth come from? Didn’t we get you those shoes yesterday? When did that bike get too small? When did you start riding a bike at all for that matter?

Trying to keep up

I’ve never learned some of the skills you need raising wild boys like ours. Like fixing a bike for instance. Nevertheless I’m trying to keep up and develop my skills alongside them. So today I had a go at fixing the chain on my sons bike. YouTube yet again provided me with the basic insight as to how I was supposed to do the repair, and I nearly got there. Close, but no sigar. There was this tiny piece that was missing, and I was unsuccessful in trying to make a replacement from what I had around the house. I’ll have to try and purchase one tomorrow.

With no chain, big brother had to bike chainless in the forest today. He loves his balancing bike, so it really wasn’t a problem. Just my pride that was a bit hurt after having told him not to worry, mum will fix this.

He rides so fast downhill on that balancing bike, it’s a nightmare to watch. My confidence in his skills and attention is not keeping up with his confidence and adventure seeking personality. I feel like yelling stop all the time, and sometimes I do as well. Mostly for him to stop going so fast, but also to time. I think that’s why I love photography so much, because it actually lets me freeze a moment in time.

Just a few thoughts on parenting and keeping up from me today. Tomorrow is yet another day with a lot of home office work. I really hope we get to go on an adventure though, I’ve promised helping big brother build a forest treehouse soon. Hope you have had a great day! Stay safe, keep washing those hands and get outside (safely).




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