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Small outings, big climbs – Corona Chronicles day 19

Some days just fly by. Not necessarily because we have so much fun, but because there’s a lot to do. Today was one of those days. It didn’t go without a few crashes, but what we’ll remember is todays small outings and big climbs.

Lunch in the forest

We had our usual morning work session. It was interrupted by other stuff we just had to do several times, so not the most effective. At lunch my brain felt totally boiled, and so we decided to do lunch in the forest even if we really didn’t have time for it. We knew it would do us good, and we were right.

It was one of those outings to the forest that really wasn’t something special, but the kids made and found magic moments in there anyway. A flock of birds flew above the high trees reminding us that spring is literally right around the corner. Baby boy kept making birdsounds and pointing to the sky the rest of the time we spent in the forest. He was totally mindblown by what he had just witnessed it seemed.

Big brother found a seashell in the middle of the forest and wanted to show everyone we met. He even yelled to tell the neighbors once we got home. After lunch he dug a hole in the ground he was sure he had hit an underground mouse mansion. He told us stories about where the bedroom was and how the elevator worked. Seemed to really believe it himself. Imagine having that imagination and creativity! The fact that Zelda helped him dig made the whole experience even more enjoyable it seemed.

Small outings, big climbs

A couple of hours went by fast, and we headed home for some more work at the home office. These small outings are super important to stay sane. Even though we would love to do bigger adventures, small outings can mean big climbs on the days we’re not able to do the big adventures. At least for the kids.

We stayed off trail today, hitting steep hills for big brother to climb. He used to be terrified of heights only a year ago, but once he had climbed the one hill today he yelled back at me; now I’m only afraid to be down low, mum! It made me chuckle.

After dinner we decided to do another small outing. We went to the beach for the boys to play in the sand, but it turned out it was a big climb that was the win this time around as well. Big brother spent an hour climbing on these huge pencils that make an art installation on the beach. He asked several times if this was closed due to the virus as well, but we gathered it was ok for him to climb there. We all had a great time enjoying the last hours of sun today. Small outings are magic some days.

I’m planning on posting a video on April 8th, so that’s one thing I’m really looking forward to sharing with you. Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out! I hope you had a wonderful day, and remember to get out exploring locally tomorrow. Stay safe and keep washing those hands!



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