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The trees still grow – Corona Chronicles day 21

This blog is originally a blog about content creation in general, and adventure photography and videography in particular. Today I had a reminder of how important that is to me. And how the trees still grow through this pandemic.

A huge inspiration

I have several photographers, videographers and content creators that inspire me. My absolute favorite photographer, Nick Brandt, is (as always) doing important work on raising awareness of what’s wrong with how we treat earth and the creatures we share it with. Go check out his Facebook for a look at some of his great images and listen to his message.

Another huge inspiration for me has been Simon Baxter. I found his YouTube through Thomas Heaton, another one of my favorites, and immediately loved his style. Not just his images, but his whole take on photography. And it was Simon who gave me these two important reminders today.

The trees still grow

Simon Baxter posted this video today on taking time to reflect upon and connect with your images. Lockdown is the perfect time to just that. And with Easter just around the corner you might even have some more time when you don’t have to work from home either.

I’m going to do the assignment over Easter and post an image with the story behind it using the hashtag #TheTreeshStillGrow on Instagram. And if you’re a photographer I really think you should as well. Simon is right you know, the trees still grow even if the world is going crazy and nothing is the same.

Wind, work and groceries

Today has been a day with little adventure for our family. We really planned to go to the forest to build a treehouse. Beautiful weather, we could hardly wait to get outside. Just had to do some work first.

At 11 AM I looked out the window as I got out of the home office cave in the basement. Harsh wind and snow! We decided to do our grocery shopping for the next week first, and head out a bit later on. My back and the general mood of a teething baby boy made for a very short outing to the forest indeed. No treehouse today, and no images or video.

We’ll head back out tomorrow. New adventures await as the forest will still be there, and the trees still grow.

I can’t wait to read some of the stories behind the images that people post as part of Simons challenge. Also I hope you all have had a great day. Stay safe, keep washing those hands and make sure to get outside!




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