Tonje Lilleås

Preparing for a different kind of spring – Corona Chronicles day 4

Our moody Sunday lingered and affected our mood this morning as well, however nothing a brownie and a glass of milk couldn’t cure. Today we’ve worked a few hours. However mostly we’ve prepared for a different kind of spring.

A different kind of spring

Usually we wait for after Easter holidays to mount the trampoline in the garden. We like to be a bit more sure that there’s not going to be more snow. And that our boys can run energetically without shoes from the living room, over the patio and onto the trampoline. While we are working in the garden with our behinds in the air. That’s spring for us. This year I’m beginning to think that we will have a different kind of spring.

Easter holidays are usually spent back home in Sunnmøre. Skiing, hunting Easter eggs and just having a good time with family. That still is the plan for this years Easter as well. However much we understand that we probably won’t be able to go, I can’t bring myself to give up hope completely. Easter in Sunnmøre is what kicks off spring for me. Had it been our normal spring, my plan was to film the first episode of «Explore locally» over Easter. With this different kind of spring, plans have changed.

Stocking up on art supplies

While everyone else is hamstering toilet paper, we still trust that there will be toilet paper in stores when we run out. And it wasn’t the fear of stores running out of paint or glue or magic markers that forced me to go to the supermarket today. We just figured we needed to stock up on things to do with our oldest. He is showing signs of getting tired of only playing with us grown ups already, and we’re only on day four. If this is going to be the different kind of spring we suspect it will be, we’ll have to up our playing game.

Making a hotel for our bees

We’re hoping that even though spring will be different, we’ll eventually have lots of flowers popping up around our garden. And we’re hoping that those flowers will attract some bees and bumblebees. So our oldest son and I decided to build the bees a hotel to rest in on their way from flower to flower.

Our oldest son got his own tools for Christmas and was a really eager little builder. He has so many thoughts and opinions on what the bees will enjoy, and the bee hotel was made the way he thought would be best. A bit crooked and with a lot of charm. A fun project I would recommend for other families in lockdown.

With both the trampoline and the bee hotel up, and our boys chairs out, our garden moved one tiny step closer to be ready for this different kind of spring.

As we’re adjusting to being in lockdown, we get reports from the parts of the world that haven’t been seriously affected by this virus up until now. It seems like the gravity of the situation is making its way into the lives of more and more people. I encourage you to remember that a different kind of spring will still offer good days. And this was a good one for us.



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