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Neighborhood sledding and mastering the chairlift

What do you do when you can’t go on the big winter adventures? You do some neighborhood sledding! Also Big Brother has mastered the chairlift, we’re ready for new adventures!

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Neighborhood sledding in the cold

We’ve had a few weeks of really cold weather around here. Most days we’ve been able to get outside to play in the snow or go skiing, but we had this one day where it was simply too cold for the kids to head out for a long lasting adventure. -20 degrees Celsius combined with some wind simply is too cold for skiing with the boys.

Now if you know our boys, a whole day inside is near impossible. They crave and need some outdoor time to blow off some steam. And so we headed out to do some neighborhood sledding as we often do on cold days. Another activity that proves that you don’t have to travel far to find a proper family adventure.

First time on the chairlift

Big Brother got his first alpine skis as a two year old. And we’ve been taking our time making sure he is getting comfortable and confident skiing the slopes. This year our goal was for him to be able to ski the green slope in the local ski “resort” by himself. But we didn’t know that he would get so much return on his investments this year, making leaps of progress during the first couple of days in the slopes.

Last weekend we went to a bigger resort for him to test some new slopes. I had no intention of pushing him into the chairlift that day, but had secretly set a new goal for the season. Big Brother had plans of his own though. And after one run in the green slopes he said “I think I want to go on the chairlift mum, can I?”.

He could, he did, and we had a great time skiing together. I’m so happy to have gotten a proper ski grom to hit the slopes with. And I think he’ll be a better skier than me before I know it. His next question was “Can we go down and explore the hill between these trees, mum?”.

Always more

I just wanted to give you a quick update on what we’re up to these days, and to remind you that there’s always more. Always more to explore locally, always more to learn, always new skills to master and always more moments to capture.

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