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Outdoor birthday in total whiteout

I’m another year older today, and I’ve enjoyed an amazing outdoor birthday in total whiteout together with my family. As a winter child I couldn’t ask for anything better!

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Breakfast and planning an outing

My wife and the boys had prepared a birthday breakfast for me, balloons and everything. It’s nice to experience the childish magic of birthdays again, one of the bonuses of becoming a parent. The boys have been excited for my birthday for days. And I guess their excitement is a bit contagious.

When they asked me what I wanted to do today I was really torn. On one hand I really wanted to go alpine skiing with Big Brother, on the other I wanted a low key ski trip with the whole family. We ended up packing up the car with our cross-country skiing equipment, as I didn’t feel like driving for an hour or more to the local ski resorts.

Outdoor birthday in total whiteout

We definitely weren’t the only ones thinking this would be the perfect day for cross-country skiing. The parking lot was totally packed. As we started skiing, we soon discovered that so was the trails. It made me happy to see all the people enjoying themselves in nature. And like my wife said “it’s so nice to hear that someone elses children are making all the drama when we’re out here”. I couldn’t agree more. Our boys are used to being dragged along for all kinds of outdoor adventures, and they are really great companions to bring along. Interested in both the activity and their surroundings. And in a good mood as long as we make sure to bring enough food, water and warm clothes.

Even though the forecast today was great, we met a total whiteout outside. But we knew the sun would peak through eventually. And it did. Just as we had finished our lunch, were a bit cold and content with playing in the snow. And so we enjoyed the return to the car in perfect sunny conditions.

Another year older- 40 is coming very close, very fast

The last year I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that 40 is a number I have to identify with within a few years. It still feels very strange, as I’m nowhere near what I thought I would feel like when I turn 40.   I don’t feel grown up enough yet. And I don’t know if I have figured out enough of my stuff to turn 40 yet. Luckily there’s still a few years to go.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! And I wish you the very best of weeks to come! If you want to grant me a birthday wish, head on over to my Instagram and give me a follow. It’d really make me happy!



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