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Winter adventures I’d love to do right now

The winter adventures I’d like to do right now probably reflect the year we just left behind. And they’re probably more of a dream than something I’m planning. But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming now, is there?

1. Visiting Northern Finland

My brother currently lives in Ruka, not far from Kuusamo, in northern Finland. His family are enjoying amazing winter conditions and the images they share look amazing. Lots of pow, beautiful winter light, and amazing surroundings. Who wouldn’t want to go skiing during both sunrise and sunset?

2. Blue hour photoshoot

Even if we are moving towards lighter and brighter days, sunrise is still late enough for a blue hour photoshoot to be realistic. Even for a person like me, who don’t love the earliest of mornings. I love the blue light combined with snowy mountains and a frozen lake. The cold colors of winter are my favorites. Still I find that I don’t get out to shoot as often during winter as I do the other three seasons, and I’d really love to do something about that.

3. Skiing above the fjord

This used to be a given any winter. However since I’ve moved away from the fjords, a proper winter day skiing above the fjords isn’t something that happens every year. I usually don’t get to visit during January or February. Meaning it’s almost spring and slush all around by the time we get to ski above the fjords during Easter. Not that I don’t appreciate that. But imagine to combine the blue hour photoshoot mentioned above with skiing above the fjords. That’s a proper winter adventure for you!

4. Photographing mushing in Femundløpet

A few years my wife and I used to live in the area where Femundløpet, an annual long distance dog sled race, takes place. We even volunteered for a couple of years, and it was great fun. My favorite was being allowed to photograph the dogs in the beautiful surroundings though, and I’d really like to go back and shoot both photo and video again at some point.

5. A weekend getaway to any wintery city

I’m usually all about nature and outdoor adventuring whenever I have a few days off. Now I don’t have a few days off anytime soon. And since the situation in the world still don’t allow for much travel, I’m not actually going to go on a weekend getaway anywhere. But maybe just because I can’t, I really dream of going on a weekend getaway to a wintery city. To shoot street photography in snowy streets,  spend time in a proper book store or a camera shop, study a photobook in a cafe and have some amazing food. See people and places I haven’t seen before, or at least in a while.

Winter adventures – dreams vs. reality

After having allowed myself to dream a bit, it’s time to think about what this winter will probably consist of. And I won’t be able to tick off many of the adventures on the list above. However that doesn’t mean I can’t do any of it. So I’m going to plan a few days skiing, some blue hour photoshoots in the neighborhood and a day of street photography and cafe hours in the town center. And I’ll keep my dreams of the great winter adventures for 2022.

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