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One fine day – Corona Chronicles day 13

Yesterday we got the news that we are in lockdown for three more weeks at least. You would think that getting news like that would bring on some bad mood, but today has been one fine day.

New trails

Tuesdays are my main workday now. I need one day where my flow isn’t broken for hours. Therefore on Tuesdays we have a deal that I don’t come along for the 11 AM family adventure.

We also have made it a habit every night after the boys are sleeping to check in with each other about what has worked and not that day. Yesterday what hadn’t worked for me was not being a part of the 11 AM family adventure. It has become a habit over the last 12 days, so I really missed it. A bike ride around the block with the kids was nice, but didn’t fully make up for the feeling of missing out on something important for our family.

And so todays family adventure was even more important to me. We headed out in sunny spring weather, to explore a new local trail. It was magic.

This feels like a proper adventure

Trying to only do family adventures within our hometown is a real challenge. Monday this week we cheated and crossed the bridge to neighboring suburbia. Not that our hometown is a urban city by any means, but suburbia does describe the area nicely.

Anyway; today we were going to hike a trail we often use for our family adventures. Trying to avoid a patch of ice, remembering the disaster of the last time I tried to walk on ice, we found ourselves on another trail we hadn’t hiked before. “Can’t we just follow this trail,” our oldest asked. We couldn’t see any reasons why not. (Accept for the fact that we didn’t know if we would have to hike too far for our oldest son to get back to our starting point, but that’s a minor detail when exploring). So we did.

“This feels like a proper adventure,” I said to my wife. “I feel it too,” she replied. More like the ones we used to do. It was lifegiving.

New trails + a bike ride = one fine day

I had promised our oldest a bike ride to have his supper outside. The weather has been so nice, so he’s been outside all day. And even if he was a bit tired after a full day, he was really eager for some alone time with mum. It’s nice to have all this quality time together with the family as a whole. However it’s important to create a few pockets of alone time with each of our sons as well. And supper outside; totally recommend it.

We’re wishing for many more days like this one. With family adventures, new trails, bike rides and magic moments. This truly has been one fine day.

I’m not going to be able to post a new video this week, my hand still isn’t up for video editing after the incident with the ice. However I would really appreciate it if you headed over to my YouTube channel and subscribed! It would help you get notified when I duo post the next video, and what can I say; it would make me really happy.



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