Tonje Lilleås

This is lockdown- Corona Chronicles day 14

Originally this was my goal; to post daily for 14 days. I wanted to document our lives and say; this is lockdown. And now we’re here. Day 14. I’ve reached the goal. What now?

What is lockdown to us?

Over the last two weeks we have gone from not really understanding or believing what was happening to a state of acceptance. On our way we have been frustrated and a bit afraid. I don’t think tears have been shed, but we’ve definitely felt a bit stressed out over the uncertainty of the situation. How long will it last? What will the world look like when it is over? How will we cope with this as a family?

Truth is, we don’t have the answer to most of the questions yet. We’re still in the very start of this situation, and we’re hearing that it will get worse before it gets better. But the fact is that it will get better. And we have been holding on to that one sentence; it will get better. Hence lockdown to us has been mostly about making as many good days for our family as possible.

We practice social distancing. We wash our hands often and thoroughly. Work is done in the home office. But most of all we spend quality time together as a family. This is lockdown to us.

New goals as the crazy continues

I’ve reached my goal. Now it’s time to set new goals. Posting daily about our adventures has been great. I think it has helped me stay positive. When I edit the images after the boys have gone to bed I’m reminded of the magic moments of the day. And posting has helped me separate the days that are somewhat similar these days.

Now we know that this lockdown will continue. We don’t know for how long. Therefore my new goals are a little bit different. I wan to post daily for as long as I still enjoy it. However I will be totally fine with skipping a day or two if I feel like it.

Some days I will focus on shooting some video instead of images. I’d really like to make a weekly Corona Chronicles video post instead of all stills. And I still want to release the first season of Explore Locally in 2020. It will be different than what I had planned, but I’m still determined to make it. Making that happen is going to be a big creative priority for me this year.

This is lockdown

We did a walk along the beach today. Way too many people, some of them with far too little respect for keeping respectable distance in this situation, made us decide we’re not going back to that area any time soon. So we spent the rest of the day in our garden. Getting new swings up for the kids. Jumping on the trampoline. Playing in the sandbox. Practicing social distancing. Talking to your best friend on the phone. After all, this is lockdown.



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