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Productive in the home office – Corona Chronicles day 5

Both me and my wife are working from the home office these days. Staying productive in the home office can be a challenge, so today we’ve had to change it up a little.

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Can’t do it all

It’s been a beautiful day here. The sun made it extra tempting to join my wife and kids for a walk in nature. However even if we’re in lockdown, there’s loads of work to be done. We need to be as productive in the home office as possible with the few hours we manage to get in. And so I’ve spent my work hours in front of the pc hammering down on the keyboard.

I feel like it’s easier to be productive in the home office than at my actual work place. Or as long as my kids aren’t around that is. I think I’m more focused on one task at a time and don’t multitask as much. When at work people remind me of all the other tasks and projects that needs to be worked on, and I don’t get as long chunks of focused time as I do all by my lonesome at home.

In the new normal situation with all of us being home however, we’ve needed to find a way for both of us to actually get in a few hours of focused work. Not doing everything together as a family all the time is the answer. As long as we’re only in lockdown that will be possible. Should we have to go in quarantine or isolation it will be harder. And staying productive in the home office will be a challenge.

But for now my main challenge is accepting that I can’t do it all. I can’t both be productive for work and super mom doing everything with my kids and taking care of myself and my wife and dog, and house and garden and you know what. It’s just not possible. I have to choose, and today I had to choose work.

A bike ride to clear my mind

Even if work in a way feels like a break from this abnormal situation we’re in when in lockdown, I still feel tired after focused work for hours. Staying productive in the home office definitely requires proper breaks. A good excuse for riding my bike and snapping some photographs during sunset.

The bike ride both cleared my mind. And gave me some revitalization so that I was able to be every bit as engaged in playing with the kids before bedtime as I have been the last five days. I have to admit, playing the same board games, reading the same books and building legos isn’t as fun anymore the thousandth time around. But after a bit of a break today; staying productive in the home office, riding my bike and snapping some photos, I’m ready for 1001.

Wondering how this will affect our family in the long run

I read somewhere that after having been in isolation for 52 days, Wuhan expected both a boom in babies and divorces in the next few months. Well, I’m positive we’ll not be expecting babies after this. And I’m positive it won’t lead to our divorce. However I’m wondering how our family will be affected in the long run if lockdown lasts for months. Will we grow even closer, or get totally sick of each other? Only time will tell.

My creative work will for sure be affected. I had so many plans for this year, and I’m seeing that I have to change them all. Not a big thing in the grand scheme of things, but a tiny bit of a bummer for me at least. I certainly hope I will have the drive to make the bigger creative projects happen when things get back to normal. Because they will get back to normal. Eventually.

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