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Bonfire at the beach – Corona Chronicles day 18

Monday morning was a bit heavy today, but there’s no medicine like a bonfire at the beach. We skipped bringing the healthy option this time and went all in on the marshmallows. Because why not, right?

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Post lunch outing to the beach

We have been a bit tired today after a bit of a rough night. I don’t think the fact that it was 7 AM when it was supposed to be 6 AM this morning helped either. Loosing an hours sleep just like that is a challenge, I silently (not so much) hope that we cut this nonsense with summer/winter time. I think we all can do without the jet lag twice a year.

Anyway; the whole family have been a bit tired today. Hence we didn’t want any long walks or demanding adventures. However we did want to get outside for a few hours nonetheless. And so we decided on a post lunch outing to the beach. Our boys both love playing in dirt, gravel, sand, you name it. A trip to the beach with buckets and stuff will keep them busy for hours no matter the time of year.

Add a bonfire and some marshmallows and we’re good to go

My wife and I aren’t all that fussed about playing in the dirt, but we’re all for any outing that lets us get some fresh air and time in nature. Add a bonfire and some marshmallows and we’re good to go.

My back didn’t enjoy carrying the wood for the bonfire in the backpack, but we didn’t dare to not bring our own. Sometimes we’ve been set on bonfires but not been able to find enough dry wood to get one started, and that’s just a total disappointment for both kids and grown ups. Also our whole plans of bonfires and marshmallows almost turned disaster today as the store was out of marshmallows. Wonder if that’s one of the things people have been hoarding? Anyway; woods were carried, marshmallows acquired and roasted. It was delicious.

Thank God for grandparents

As we got back home we found not less than two package slips in our mailbox. Packages turned out to be from the boys two sets of remote grandparents, and we picked them up instantly. Baby boy was flapping his arms with joy as we opened them both, and big brother couldn’t stop skipping around the living room. They both got lovely knitted outfits, lots of candy, books and toys. Who would have known Christmas would come the week before Easter this year?

We read the cards carefully, and agreed that we have to come up with a way to thank them all properly. Feeling hugely grateful and blessed. And a bit sad that we’re not there with them all this Easter. But there will come a day when we look back at this whole situation, and when that day comes we will haste to pay them a visit and hug them all again.

I hope you’ve all had a good start to a new week, that you are healthy and as happy as you can be with the craziness in the world right now. Make sure to do something that brings you joy this week. We truly recommend bonfires and marshmallows.



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