Tonje Lilleås

Preparing for Easter – Corona Chronicles day 22

We have been preparing for Easter today. A totally different Easter than we had planned for, but we are going to make it a good one nonetheless.

Gathering, cleaning and decorating –  preparing for Easter

Cleaning the house isn’t the most fun and exciting thing to do, and a bit of a challenge with two kids around. But man it’s so rewarding to start off the weekend with a proper cleaning, leaving the house with that fresh smell of cucumber and wildflowers. Yes, that is the actual scent of our house right now. Super fresh.

We managed to squeeze in a short outing to the beach to gather some stuff for making decorations, and also decorated our house once we got home. Decorating the house for Easter. We really are grown ups now.

Don’t think about it

Every now and again throughout the day I’ve remembered where we’re supposed to be right now. Well on our way back home. And I know there’s people facing real challenges due to this crisis, so I’m in no position to pout. However I can’t help but feeling a bit bummed out about not seeing the people and places I love this Easter. So I try not to think about it. We’re going to work with what we’ve got and make the best of it.

Stopping daily posts

I wanted to post daily for two weeks. That was my goal. Over the last 22 days I’ve missed one daily post. A part of preparing for Easter for me has been to make the decision to stop posting daily.

I was supposed to spend this Easter and spring making videos for the first season of “Explore Locally”. I still want to do that. Or at least some version of it. And in order to I need to free up some time each day to focus on it. So I will go back to posting twice a week. For now. It’s still going to be updates on our family adventures, just not every day. I really look forward to sharing more high quality content with you, and hope you will stick around for it! Next post will be up on Sunday.

I wish you the best possible of Easter holidays! Take time to rest and enjoy the magic moments you create every day. Stay safe, keep washing your hands and get outside every day. Have a good one!



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