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Totally blown away – Corona Chronicles day 16

Totally blown away as we stepped out of our car today. And I mean in the most literal sense. Strong winds sent chills not only down our spine, but through our whole bodies. My wife and I looked at each other with the same question in our eyes; how will this hike turn out?

Sneaking off for a family adventure

We decided yesterday that we needed to go somewhere new today. It had to be within reasonable driving distance, a place where we didn’t contribute to overcrowding neither the trail or the parking lot. Somewhere where practicing social distancing would be easy.

I felt like we were breaking a rule, like we were sneaking off for our family adventure, but we really weren’t. Our hike of choice was just 40 minutes away, however we did have to cross the border to the neighboring town to get to the starting point. And that’s something we haven’t done since lockdown started. Driving more than 8 minutes and crossing the border. I guess that’s also something that made us feel both extra adventurous and a bit blown away.

Learning to take it easy

Before my wife and I became parents, our hikes and outdoor adventures was very much about reaching a goal and working hard to get there. We both enjoy feeling exhausted after a full day outside, hiking long and steep trails. That doesn’t really work with kids around.

In the car on our way back home we talked about how we have changed since having our boys. How we now are totally fine with just being outside hiking without reaching a goal. Our kids have taught us to take it easy.

As I mentioned we were totally blown away by the strong winds at the start of our hike today. However we have learned that if we just take it easy about reaching some specific goal, we will usually have a great time no matter the conditions. Today was no exception.

Blown away yet again

The winds really were strong and cold. We found shelter in the woods just a hundred meters down the trail and adjusted our outfits to the freezing conditions. A bit of fuel (cold pizza) to boost the motivation of the kids and we continued to work our way along the trail.

We had agreed to hike until we found somewhere sunny with shelter from the wind to have lunch. I have to admit I wasn’t sure we would’ve able to. However as the trail turned a corner, we found ourselves on the edge of a field. There was an area about five meters wide that was totally sheltered from the wind. That was our lunch spot. And I was blown away again, this time by the amazing tranquility of this random spot at the edge of the field.

The kids played. Zelda stole half of our lunch. We snook a kiss and reminded each other how amazingly lucky we are. What a Saturday. I felt totally blown away.

Story never ends here

This is the point where most blogposts or stories in social media ends. And I’m going to leave you to it soon as well. But I just wanted to say that the story of our day never ends with a everlasting magic moment out adventuring. We go home, our kids get tired, cries and argues just like any other kids. However when we look back at the memories of days like this one, it’s the moments that blows us away with gratitude and love that we remember.


How’s the story of your Saturday?

Oh, by the way; I’ve decided to take Sundays off posting. I want to focus on video on Sundays, and will therefore not make a blogpost tomorrow. Just in case you wondered if anything happened. I’ll be back with more on Monday!



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