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Weekend is here – Corona Chronicles day 15

I’m taking a break from documenting our family adventures today, simply because we didn’t do anything special today. And since this new normal, being in lockdown, seems to last quite a while, this has to be ok. And after all; weekend is here, right?

I guess you’re alright with not getting the detailed info of our trip to the grocery store. My meetings at work wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Cleaning the house or washing clothes isn’t really an adventure either. But we did enjoy some garden time in the sun. And even if I can’t show you any family adventures today, I’m not going to leave you hanging. After all I guess you clicked on this post to be entertained, right? And to check in on our day?

My favorites – a bit of entertainment and inspiration

I guess I spend more time than most of my friends and family on social media. Or at least reading blogs, watching YouTube and flipping through images on Instagram. Some days ago I gave you some tips on online courses you could take to learn something new. As we move into the weekend, I urge you to kick back, relax and be entertained.

Plans for weekend family adventures

We’re heading out for a walk/hike thing after baby boys first nap tomorrow. Bringing lunch and our curiosity and good mood I’m betting it will be great! Not having to log on work from the home office means we can stay out longer and just explore more. I guess there still is a difference between weekdays and weekends after all.

And at some point during this weekend we are making a bonfire and roasting marshmallows. That’s it though. That’s all the planning we have done. One of the nice things about lockdown is that the limitations and restrictions in society also kind of leaves us with the freedom that fewer options can bring. When we can’t make it to a restaurant, the library and the playground on Saturday, we don’t have to fit it all into our schedule. Kind of nice, right?

I wish you all the very best of weekends! (Or at least as good of a weekend you can possibly make for yourselves in this state of the world right now. You get my good intentions of wishing you the very best of weekends, right?)



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