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Happy Easter – Corona Chronicles day 31

Happy Easter everyone! And happy birthday to my dad! As my last post was mainly about the first episode of “Explore locally”, I guess some of you might be wondering about what we’ve been up to lately. Some of you might even remember that baby boy had a fever. Well, I’m here to update you.

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Taking baby boy to the COVID-19 ER

They’ve established a dedicated ER for suspected COVID-19 incidents. Since baby boy had a fever we were told we had to go there to get him tested. Only baby boy and my wife went, as they want as few people around as possible. My wife said it was an effective visit, but scary for baby boy nonetheless. The doctors were in protection suits off course, and that made him insecure about the situation. We’ve heard that the test itself is uncomfortable, and we were pretty confident he just had a cold and a mild ear infection. However we did want to follow doctors orders and have him tested.

Once the doctor at the ER had examined him further though, he came to the conclusion that testing would not be necessary. He was 99% sure it was an ear infection. We could stop worrying and it felt great.

A few slow days

Baby boy feeling a bit under the weather meant a few slow days for us. We spent a lot of time in our garden, playing and doing a bit of spring cleaning.

Big brother and I had an amazing bike ride to the beach one day. It’s amazing how being able to take it a bit slow allows a different kind of being together. The conversations hold a much higher quality, and I really feel like I get to know him a bit better. Having time alone together, just the two of us is precious. Something to hold on to when all of this is over and we go back to “normal”.

Getting back some normality

And we are getting back to some sort of normality quite soon. Big brother was so happy when the prime minister announced that the preschools are going to open back up on the 20th of April. As parents we feel divided. We’re happy for our kids as they have missed their friends and routines. At the same time we feel a bit concerned about wether opening up already is really a good decision. But we have to trust that the government and the experts that have advised them on this matter know what their doing and want what’s best for us all. That’s a part of being in this together as well, right?

Happy Easter at our spots

Easter holidays in Norway start on Thursday before Easter Sunday. And as Thursday came, we felt confident that baby boy had been well long enough for us to get back out on the trails. Both big brother and us parents wanted to go back to some of the lunch spots we had visited during our lockdown adventures, and so we have the last few days.

We’ve found this sunny spot along the trail where no-one else seems to feel the urge to sit down. Perfect when we want to keep our distance to others, but still stay along trails that are easy for our boys to maneuver. It’s a perfect distance from where we park our car. Big brother knows his way there. It’s flat enough for baby boy to be free to explore while we are having our lunch. And it’s both sunny and we can see all the way down to the lake from there. A perfect spot for us; our forest lunch spot.


Egg hunting and digital dinners

Easter Saturday the Easter bunny had left a map for us to hunt for eggs in the garden. Both kids, parents and dog took part in the hunt with great enthusiasm. We’ve been eating candy, playing video games and board games with big brother. Later on it was time for a digital dinner with the side of the family we were supposed to have visited this weekend. Even though we miss our family, we’ve truly had a happy Easter this far.

Now it’s time to wish you all a happy Easter as well! I hope you all have had the opportunity to do something that make this Easter holiday a good one, even if it is a very different one. Stay safe, keep washing those hands, but make sure to get outside. It really is a treat for both mind and body. And I’m sure there’s lots for you to explore locally, and safely.



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