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The perfect blogging camera made me fall back in love with photography – Corona Chronicles day 34

This is the post about how the perfect blogging camera made me fall back in love with photography.

Introduction through #24hoursofnorth

About a year ago I became an official Canon Nordic creator through the #24hoursofnorth project. As part of the project, we got to test the Canon M50. This was my introduction to this camera and I really enjoyed it, but not enough to invest in it as my second camera. I just couldn’t bring myself to get one when there was so much other stuff to spend our hard earned money at. However the pocket rocket stayed on my mind for one particular reason; the fact that it’s so easy to bring along everywhere.

A shift in my focus

Since last summer I have focused more on videography. I’ve found that I don’t have the opportunity to get out and shoot landscape or adventure images in amazing locations during sunrise or sunset as often as I would want to. Shifting towards videography has been a way for me to reinvent my creative work within the limitations of my everyday life.

Seeing that I have to work with what I’ve got, also has shifted my focus a bit from almost exclusively landscape images to more family adventure stuff. I really enjoy documenting our adventures, challenging myself to capture the best moments of each outing. Something you’ve gotten to see the fruits of through the “Corona Chronicles”. I’ve come to terms with this kind of photography not giving me a lot of portfolio shots, but it is however giving me the joy of creating.

The perfect blogging camera

Since I’m not trying to make portfolio images every time I bring out a camera anymore, I haven’t been keen on bringing all of my camera gear out either. Carrying a heavy setup at every family adventure makes it less likely that I actually get it out of my camera bag to shoot.

You see, I almost feel like picking up the big DSLR wakes some kind of drive for perfection within me, and sometimes I just want to have fun with the camera. To not be limited by weight or the anticipation of getting something good. I just want to go shoot. And so I started thinking about the perfect blogging camera that would encourage me to do just that. Shoot. A lot.

The mission I gave myself was to find an affordable setup that was going to make me want to bring it everywhere and would give me the creative capabilities I needed to produce images of decent quality.

As I went back and forth between different setups I always seemed to return to the Canon M50. I have no doubt it is the perfect blogging camera. It’s so easy to bring along. You can fit it into a small camera pouch, I always have it clipped to whatever backpack I’m carrying. I can’t fit it in my pockets, but I really do get the nickname nonetheless. The pocket rocket produces really good images, has great video capabilities and is just fun to shoot with. With the adapter it even opens up to the whole range of EF lenses from Canon, making it fit into the rest of my gear perfectly.

Falling back in love with photography

I’ve been a bit annoyed with not being able to shoot enough portfolio quality images over the last year. It has made me struggle a bit with my photography, especially in periods when I am “stuck” in everyday life.

Having this lightweight new companion that I bring along wherever I go has completely blown life into my love for photography again. I’m feeling more creative than ever since getting my hands on the perfect blogging camera. I just want to go shoot. A lot. Mission accomplished.

In this crazy time that we’re all in with the situation in the world right now, I feel so lucky to be able to go into my bubble of creating. I hope all of you have some sort of outlet or bubble or escape these days as well. Stay safe, wash your hands, but make sure to get outside. And if you want to give photography a try and are looking into getting yourself the perfect blogging camera, I really recommend giving the pocket rocket a try.



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