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YouTube-series “Explore Locally” S01E01 – Corona Chronicles day 27

I’m finally ready to premiere the first episode of my YouTube-series called “Explore Locally”. It’s so different from what I had planned for it to be, but I had fun making it nonetheless.

A YouTube-series about family adventures in the Nordic countries

I have written about my plans for this project earlier, about why I’m so passionate about getting more people to explore locally and seeing some diversity in what landscape and adventure photographers choose to shoot. “Explore Locally” is going to be a YouTube series of our family adventures in the Nordic countries. Focusing on how you don’t have to travel far to be an explorer.

I say “is going to be” because this first episode is a special edition. Due to the fact that right now COVID-19 limits our adventures. We are staying very local, these days only exploring our garden and nearby forests and beaches. And I have to say we are lucky to be able to do the amount of small family adventures that we are doing. We could be a lot worse off.

First season will be different

I had planned episodes from Sunnmøre this Easter and in May. From a spring bike-ride with the family through the forests around Oslo. Roadtripping from our place through Sweden to visit our family in Finland was going to be the big family adventure this year. All these plans have been cancelled. We have been forced to explore even more locally this spring and summer, and I think that’s going to be ok. We feel a bit bummed off course, but we will have our family adventures nonetheless.

With our plans of adventuring and exploring changed, so will the first season of the YouTube-series have to change. I’m not yet sure when episode 2 will be up, or what it will be about. But I promise to keep you posted as soon as the plans for the first season is ready.

First episode of YouTube-series “Explore Locally”

I’m not going to beat around the bush anymore, here you have the first episode of the Youtube-series “Explore Locally”:

I hope you enjoyed the first episode! If you did, please consider giving it a like and subscribing to my channel. First of all it would really mean a lot to me if you did. Secondly it would help me get my video seen by more people. That would really make me happy!

I wish you the very best of days! Next post will be up on Sunday, filled with images and stories from our small adventures the last few days. Hope to see you back here then! Stay safe, keep washing those hands, keep your distance, but get outside and explore locally!



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