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Magical mornings

Down and out with a cold, however insignificant, during COVID-19, means staying at home. Working from home. Lying in bed when needed. But down and out with a cold as a mother of two means business as usual. And this weekend it meant magical mornings.

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Nothing but fog

As I pulled the curtains aside yesterday morning I could hardly see anything. Or to be more accurate, I could see fog. Lots of beautiful fog.

The kids were up before sunrise as per usual. I don’t remember the last time we slept past 7.20AM, usually we’ve been up for long by then. Early mornings means we’re usually out and about way before most people have started their breakfast, and the weekend is no exception. And since the combination of early morning walks and fog usually means possibility for nice images, I decided to bring the camera along for our first outing yesterday. I’m glad I did.

And a little frost on the side, please

As well as the fog, we woke to a frozen ground yesterday. The boys were ecstatic about the frozen water in the garden, and wanted to go looking for more ice to smash. We decided to head to the local forest, or what’s left of it at least.

Baby Boy is almost two now, and basically wants to walk by himself instead of sitting in the carrier or stroller. Hence we take our time walking to the forest. And taking our time means a lot of opportunities for capturing some detail shots.

At the neighborhood soccer field Big Brother wanted to see if he could make a frost angel in the grass. I think he’s looking forward to snow, and I totally sympathize with that. It’s something magical about winter, just like these frosty and foggy fall mornings are truly magical mornings.

As if we’re in some kind of post catastrophe landscape

From the soccer field we slowly made our way uphill to where our local forest lies. Now I was very upset about the fact that they “had” to cut a huge part of it down earlier this fall. But from a photography perspective, it looked amazing yesterday.

The fog and the frost combined made it look otherworldly. And my wife said it was as if we were in some kind of post catastrophe landscape of some sorts. I totally agree, and I think it made the morning even more magical.

The boys were happy playing in the ruins of the forest. They are both such good with imagining other worlds, and often very far from here and now. Building sheds, running from one shed to protect another or rebuilding it after the dinosaurs have torn it down. Admittedly it is mainly Big Brother making up the stories, but Baby Boy follows him and repeats whatever he’s saying or doing. Observing their relationship develop adds to the magical mornings indeed.

Magical mornings makes magical days?

It’s no doubt that magical mornings starts the day off right. It helps us forget how tired we are of colds  and this whole coronavirus. I think I’ve had three colds since summer, and I’m feeling a bit tired of having to stay home whenever. Being parents of small children, we know that this is only the beginning of this season of colds, and it’s frustrating having to cancel all plans time and time again over a runny nose or cough.

(And yes, we acknowledge that we’re lucky every time it’s just a cold and we know that others in the world are far less fortunate and will stop complaining about having to stay home now).

Magical mornings make up for the frustration though, and I think we keep the magic inside throughout the day more often than not. It really is important how you start the day, and I think we’ll do better as a whole if we remember that it’s in our power to create these magical mornings.

Have you had a magical morning lately? What was it like? I’d love to hear from you down below. Also I would love it if you would consider following me either on Instagram, YouTube, this blog or all of the above. And if you already have found it worthwhile to follow me, why don’t you tell a friend about me? I would love it if more people got to see my images and videos. Not because I’ll stop creating otherwise, but because I only share stuff I think are worth sharing with more people.

Stay safe, but remember; there’s always more to explore locally!



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