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Mothers Day, Valentines and a whole lot of family fun

It’s Mothers Day, Valentines and Fastelavn in Norway today, meaning we’ve done our best to have some proper family fun!

Let’s go skiing

I think we’ve been skiing each weekend since Christmas. Changing it up between cross country and alpine. And yesterday Baby Boy actually suggested going skiing when he obviously could feel he had a little too much energy that needed an outlet. I love the fact that the outdoor activities have become a natural part of our boys world.

And we did have some skiing planned this weekend as well. However not yesterday as it was simply too cold, and we needed to make some preparations for todays many reasons to celebrate.

Mothers Day with two mums

How do we do Mothers Day when we’re two mums and our boys are yet too young to make any celebrations themselves? Well let’s say we focus on enjoying being together as a family. Mothers Day to us isn’t very different from any other Sunday.

Now we don’t miss gifts, cards or breakfast in bed. If we did, we could have come up with a solution where we took turns in celebrating each other every other year for instance. Or one of us could get breakfast in bed and the other dinner of her choice prepared later on. There’s many ways to solve this day if it’s an issue, but it just isn’t to us.

In our family we’re two mums every day. Hence every day is Mothers Day. Not that I don’t think it’s important to celebrate all the wonderful mums out there. It’s just that we make sure to let each other know that we appreciate each other as parents to our children every day. If the kids want to make us a card or breakfast in bed when they get older, they can. But to us the most important thing about Mothers Day is to try and do something fun with our kids, as their mothers.

Valentines dates as parents

I’m not going to say too much about Valentines. I appreciate any day with the intention to spread more love. I think the world needs every excuse we find to spread love. But Valentines with small kids isn’t as much about romance as it used to be. Or as it will be once the kids are just a tiny bit older.

Now we make sure we know that we don’t take each other for granted every day. And we try to get to go on a date every now and again. We actually have been to the movies while the kids are in preschool once or twice, but apart from that most of our dates these days are at the dining table. Once the kids are nestled up in bed and the house is somewhat tidy. Sharing a grown up meal, a glass of whine and talking about anything other than kids. Just checking in with each other. That’s romance these days. And I love it. Even if I miss my wife some days, I know there’s a new season once the kids grown older.

However little room there is for romance these days, there’s no lack of love.

Family fun in the mountains

Big Brother agreed that skiing had to be scheduled this weekend as well. Thus we headed to one of the local ski resorts this morning. Baby Boy isn’t quite old enough to hit the slopes yet, or maybe he’s old enough. However he is too short and has too tiny feet for the gear still. Meaning he gets to ride in the cross country pulka with mum, while Big Brother and I hit the slopes.

We got to ride one lap before there was something wrong with the lift and it closed down. They told us it would be up to two hours wait until they would be able to open back up. What else could I do then bribe Big Brother with a visit to the cafe?

After a proper lunch we headed out to try once more. We had a blast skiing the blue slopes. Big Brother is getting braver. He tried several small jumps around, and even a few turns in the forest. Between the laps with Big Brother I got a couple of laps by myself as he had a few short breaks with mum and Baby Boy.

The best part of the day

As we drove back home my wife told me her favorite part of the day so far. To no surprise it was the same as mine. It wasn’t skiing, it wasn’t lunch or a particular moment on the mountain. It was feeling the warmth of the sun while we were just hanging around packing up our stuff on the parking lot.

This might sound weird. But the thing is that we’ve longed for this moment for a while. We’ve been talking about how much we’d like for it to be a bit warmer out, so we could just be without freezing. And today it was here. A true reason to celebrate. And we did, and we have. Celebrated. In gratitude for parenthood, love, baked goods and feeling the warmth from the sun.

I hope you’ve all had a very good Sunday! And to all of you celebrating; happy Mothers Day and a lovely Valentines Day to you all!


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